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A Weekend in my Life

Hi guys! Hope you’re all doing well. I didn’t write a blog post last week which was the first time in months that I’ve strayed from this routine, but I just ended up so busy over the last weekend with so much stuff on my plate that it got too difficult. A common theme in …

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Is Blogging A Dying Art?

My Blogging Journey I started my blog in February 2018 so we’re up to over two and a half years of its existence. Although it has changed a lot over this time, including multiple rebrands and changes in content type, I feel like it has always been something I do purely for myself, my own …

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Birthday Reflections

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, excelling in every aspect of your life. This is going to be a very freestyle piece of writing with no semblance of a plan, just some stuff I want to reflect on and summarise in words. I feel like I do some kind of yearly reflection every single …

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What I Read Over Summer

I know we’re in October already, and I hope that’s a testament to just how much I procrastinate sometimes, because today I wanted to share a few of the books I read over summer. I’m only two months late! I’ll try not to spoil any of the books and just share a little overview, along …

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Preparing for Clinical Years

With the start of a new year comes the start of a new organisational system because we all know I spend too much time procrastinating-by-preparation: a fantastic illusion of productivity because you’re still doing something, but it’s questionable whether the time could be spent better doing other things. Maybe something to fire up the neurones …

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Why Your Brain is Lying to You

This is a message for all of my overthinking friends paralysed with impostor syndrome, doubting their place in the world. I have been there. I wanted this to be a compilation of the lessons that I wish I’d understood and acknowledged when I started my medical degree, but hindsight is always 20/20, right? Wherever you …

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