If you are reading this then either this has been a relative success or it’s still early days and I’m more ambitious than I will admit.

It has finally come time to take matters into my own hands and take some initiative. I have been vacillating between various actions I could take to take a stand and bring some discipline into my life, and this is the path I have chosen.

This blog serves as a study journal of sorts, purely for myself, to make study goals and reflect on what I have achieved during the day. If they made us do this at college I would be the first to roll my eyes and yawn exaggeratedly but something about it being my own idea sits just a little bit better for me. Also, I really need this. The truth is, I am undisciplined above anything and I thought maybe making a public commitment to achieving specific goals would help me to stick to them.

In all honesty, I am doubtful about whether this will work but I am feeling optimistic enough to have a go. Proving myself and other people wrong is extremely satisfying and, once again, I am hopeful.

Okay, tonight is Thursday night and we break up for half term tomorrow. The true grind for A-Level success starts now. We are going to fight the good fight.

My plans for Friday are as follows:
– We are going to go to college bright and early! College is getting more difficult and difficult in terms of how I feel about attending an institution that cares only for grades every single day, but we must persevere for the remaining few months. We can only hope university is better.

-I should really go and volunteer tomorrow at the hospital. I have been very bad with this recently and not gone for the past two weeks, but this sort of behaviour is not something I am proud of.


-My room is begging to be cleaned and a lot of paper desperately needs to be filed away so I think we should tackle that too, despite the fact that I would rather do anything than clean my room.

Study goals:
– Complete all summary questions set as part of the chemistry homework for over half term.
-Finish copying up Core 4 notes in neat for maths.
-Complete the Core 2 Daily Dose up to the 16/2/18

That’s it from me for tonight, catch me again tomorrow where we discuss exactly how many things I managed to do from my plans…



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