Hello all, I’m afraid I come bearing bad news today. I did not complete any of my study goals that I planned and as funny as it is, that I am already so bad at this the day I’ve started, it has also made me question my determination. While I am by no means, reckless with my studies, I cannot find the fun in learning anymore, as it has been sucked out through abstract questions and penalising mark schemes.

However, all was not lost today: I did have an okay day at college and I even went volunteering afterwards! That’s pretty big because I truly was beginning to lose all desire to leave the house. Oh, and I didn’t even nap today! While, now, I am on the verge of a breakdown, I am glad I didn’t sleep during the day, as I’d love to get a long night’s sleep tonight.

Nevertheless, my room is still untidy, my chemistry summary questions are undone and my C2 Daily Dose is untouched. I did continue writing up my C4 notes but I’m only on vectors. In all honesty, I feel like it’s been a hot minute since we did anything besides integration in maths, though I think I’m getting better. Practise truly does make you better, who would have thought!

There’s been a suspiciously high number of exclamation marks in today’s post, especially for a day where I have struggled emotionally. I am hoping tomorrow will be more positive and productive.

My study goals for tomorrow include:
-Finish those C4 notes
-C2 Daily Dose until 17/2/18
-Get started on chemistry homework (of which there is a huge amount)
-Maybe cut down my Independent Research Project for French because there’s no talking speed quick enough that could make my essay into a two minute presentation

In terms of my home life, I think I need to take it easy a bit tomorrow, sleep well, take care of myself. I’ve also been looking to cut my hair a little bit, just so I can get rid of all my dead ends.

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