It seems almost comical that I keep beginning my posts with the fact that I have not done as much work as I planned to do, but admittedly today was a little more successful. I made quite some progress with copying up my Core 4 notes in neat, but there’s a surprisingly large amount of copying up that I didn’t take into consideration. I only have integration left to copy up now, but when I say ‘only’ I hope you understand that integration forms a very large, substantial part of Core 4. I need to stop procrastinating!

I am also halfway through my summary questions for chemistry, but I realised I also have some end of chapter practice questions to do too, which will take forever, knowing me. Half term has really snuck up on me this time, but I’m glad because it gives me an excuse to go to Central Library during this week and spend some time alone. Maybe it is hormones or something but I am truly not in the mood to be around anyone these days.

I also have made no progress on editing my IRP for French yet, but that will be a problem I can deal with later. I am planning to meet up with a friend from my French class near the end of this week so we can go over our IRPs together, which should hopefully be quite successful! Although, whenever I meet up with my friend, me and her always end up sitting and chatting forever. I am sure it will be nice regardless though.

While today has not been majorly productive, I am still feeling a little bit off and it is still the weekend, so I think being a little lenient is important right now. With all these weeks of limited sleep catching up on me, I think I need to place importance on taking care of myself alongside my studies. I also changed my earrings today to big hoops because they make me feel more like I’m owning my life. I still have not cut my hair yet.

My study goals for tomorrow are mainly just completing everything I’ve started today and everything I’ve written in my previous posts. I actually also found some very interesting stuff about my topic for my IRP so I’m considering adding that in, but that will require some heavy editing still, as it’s way too long right now. I will see what I can do, but for now, those links are saved in my bookmarks!


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