I am sad to say today has been extremely unproductive, my friends. Not only did I not make my trip to the library, I did approximately one thing on my list of things to do for today, which is truly not enough if I want to finish everything in good time.

I was, however, absolutely taken by The Kite Runner which has preoccupied me for the majority of the day. I cannot even describe the roller coaster of emotions I have been on today, thanks to this book, and I’m truly in awe at how wonderfully it has been written. Khaled Hosseini has really impressed me and I will definitely have to check out his other books when I finish this one. I am about halfway through it so far and I will be reading some more tonight. Homework and revision has become a liability in front of this masterpiece, I don’t think I can rest easy until I finish it.

The only thing I managed to get done today was a maths past paper, but my heart wasn’t in it and as such, I was careless and made silly mistakes. Unfortunately, this is really not good of me and I need to sort myself out as soon as I can. Monday is already over and I know the rest of this week will fly by. I acknowledge that I really need to get my head in the game as soon as possible.

I don’t have much else to share today, I spent all my time reading or complaining about everything I need to finish! Also it seems as if everyone has gone on holiday, which is putting me off work even further.

My study goals for tomorrow include:
– Okay it’s really crunch time for this French IRP now, it needs major editing and some research. This is my priority for tomorrow!
– Finish those chemistry practice questions so I can have time to do some past paper questions
-Make biology notes for component 2

I am truly frustrated at my lack of discipline. These holidays were supposed to be to catch up and get ahead of the action, but I feel like I’m lagging behind again, the last sprinter in the race, comically out of breath and doubled over, trying to catch my breath. As always.

We must persevere through this traitorous test, it is merely a stepping stone to our future, not a determining step.

Thanks guys, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with better news than the fact that I did less work than I should have, as that’s all I seem to be saying recently.


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