Disastrous day today, my pals. I did nothing I said I would, to the extent where I didn’t even begin tackling my priority piece of work: my French IRP.

You won’t be as disappointed as I am, despite the fact that I managed to finish my practice questions for chemistry. While I do have to go back and mark them (alongside my summary questions), I am glad to be done with most of the set work I have for chemistry.

On the other hand, today I finished The Kite Runner and I am blown away by the story I’ve finished. So gut-wrenchingly sad and heartbreaking, I have many strong feelings on all the characters in the book, so many questions to ask, so many expressions to share. Maybe another time I will tell you them, but for now, I will add A Thousand Splendid Suns to my ever growing reading wish list and move on. The truth is, starting another novel anytime soon will mean I only get less work done. Clearly, there is no happy balance in my life, it’s very much all or nothing!

Other than that though, not much else went on today. I vow to get some proper work done tomorrow, even though we’re planning on going to the cinema to watch Black Panther at some point. It’s really crunch time now as it’ll be midweek tomorrow and the holidays are basically over at that point! I need to get my homework done ASAP.

It also occurred to me earlier today that I have a maths C4 exam next Wednesday, which has single handedly ruined my mood for the rest of the holidays. What happened to me? What has possessed me since my last maths lesson where I told myself I would spend the entire holidays doing maths work in order to ensure a good grade?

Study goals for tomorrow:
– French IRP editing and research
– C4 maths past paper
– Other French homework (of which there is a lot!)

Besides that, we need to get our head in the game tomorrow. No more dillydallying from now on. There is a time to play and a time to work and I have blurred the lines for far too long between the two.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.

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