I have some exciting news to share today, which may shed some light on why exactly I have been so unproductive these past few days: I passed my driving test! It’s been a long time coming since I began learning all those months ago and I’m glad to finally have advanced in another aspect of my life. I had a lesson yesterday with a new instructor (my previous instructor was on holiday and also extremely patronising, which didn’t sway me to postpone my test much) which was why I did barely anything in terms of college work.

Today has been slightly better but not by much. I have almost finished my C4 notes (integration feels like it’s lasting forever) and I will be able to get these done pretty quickly tomorrow. However, as I am definitely heading to the library tomorrow, I am putting maths on a bit of a hold until I finish the remainder of my homework. I have also gotten round to working on my IRP for French, though I’ve not made much headway with that- I’m hoping I can work on it more tomorrow.

I am meeting up with a friend at the library so I think I will be more inclined to keeping my end of the deal up by showing up, and hopefully my friend will come too.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Biology homework: all of it (this is just working through the two task sheets for respiration though and shouldn’t be too bad)
– Writing up my own personal biology notes (because those task sheets feel like I’m ticking boxes for the sake of ticking boxes and not actually learning)
– French homework translation, questions and annotating sheets
– Starting to memorise my IRP (funny how it’s come down to Thursday and I’m going to frantically cram to memorise this thing when I’ve wasted a whole week)

The only thing I can say is that I am in the same predicament as always; promising myself I will work harder next time. I wonder if there will ever be a time I stick to my vows.

See the problem is, I know everything will get finished in time because I am not the kind of person to leave any stone unturned, but I just wish I would manage my time a little more wisely and decide on some stricter boundaries.

Regardless, today has been a day of relative success and opened a lot of doors to independence for me. Thank you all for accompanying me on my study journey!

3 thoughts on “21/2/18

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    1. musingsofanunmotivatedstudent

      Thank you+ I know, it really feels like the integration is never ending!! Also, thank you so much for the nomination!! So sweet of you!

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