The official end of the half term holidays is upon us at last! I assure you, there is no one more upset about it than me, but I guess it’s quite nice that there’s only 5 weeks until Easter! Look at me, already counting down the days until the next holidays, how typical.

Today has most certainly not been unproductive as I managed to get almost all my biology homework done. I just need to correct my most recent exam now and that’s it but that will hopefully be a very quick task. I also realised I don’t need to make any more biology notes because the work I’ve done for the task sheets has been very extensive and more than good enough to extract information from. I will be making condensed, specification specified notes anyways before my next exam on this so I don’t think I need any more work on it just yet. I’m also halfway through my second C4 paper, which is actually so shameful considering it’s Friday and I’ve not even finished the second. This weekend will be full of maths clearly.

Concerning the rest of the work I need to finish, I have memorised maybe the first paragraph of my French IRP and my friend is coming over tomorrow so we can go over both of our IRPs together. Fortunately she’s not completely memorised hers either so I don’t feel too behind, though I’m sure everyone else in my French class is a lot more up to date than us.

My brother left earlier today too so we went to the airport to drop him off. I also got my hair cut finally! I’ve recently stopped straightening my hair altogether because I could see the detrimental effects of it on my hair, so I’m keeping it this way until I come across a very special occasion, in which case I won’t mind straightening it. It’s not all that much shorter to be honest, but I really like it, it feels like a bit of a change, which I’m always craving.

I don’t have much else to share today, it’s been quite a focused day fortunately. I did have a huge cleanup of my bedroom (with the help of my mother of course) and I am again struck by my hoarding tendencies. It’s really unhealthy the amount of sentimental value I attach to certain things and it seems the older it is, the more valuable it is to me. Maybe I subconsciously yearn for a past that I used to know.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Memorise the IRP
– Add more research to my IRP discussion points
-Finish my maths paper form tonight and do another. Maybe even the last one on my homework list if time permits.

I’m thinking that Sunday will be the day to tie up loose ends, including correcting my biology exam, marking and correcting all the chemistry questions I completed earlier this week and marking anything else that is incomplete. I also need to do a selection of past paper questions for chemistry as he’s quite anal about homework.

Thanks guys, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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