Hello all, today has felt like a very long day. Waking up relatively early and going to sleep at 4am is really not working for me and the effects of the sleep I’ve missed out on this past week is really getting to me. It’s clear that, despite it being the holidays, sleep is a rare occurrence in this household. I hope that once I pull myself together a little and become more disciplined, I can also sort out my sleeping pattern because right now I feel like a walking zombie, and it’s only half 12!

Besides that, today has been mildly productive. My friend came over this morning and I had a lovely, long chat with her about all sorts of things. We also did get a bit of work done, but mostly just came to the realisation that we needed to do a lot more work before we were prepared for our French speaking exam.

I managed to finish yesterday’s maths paper and did another one today. I would have tackled the last one today too but I’m really not feeling it right now and I hope that some sleep will make me feel better. I also did my French speaking homework, which I always forget about, but it’s due on Monday so it would’ve just added to my never ending list for tomorrow.

My priorities tomorrow are:
– Finish the last C4 past paper for homework and mark and correct all four that I’ve done.
– I also have some Kerboodle quizzes to do for chemistry which have a deadline for tomorrow.
– Mark and correct all my chemistry questions (and do some past paper questions!)
– Mark and correct my biology exam.

I also need to make a list of questions for my French IRP which I’ll do tomorrow. I can sense that my work on the IRP has been extremely lacklustre this half term but I don’t have the energy to do any more. With my other subjects, I acknowledge that I’m not doing a great job of balancing my time but it’s so difficult when the content is so hard for everything.

That should be it in terms of homework though. I am feeling a bit sad at the prospect of the holidays finishing and my internal feelings that I’ve not had any time to properly relax and spend time not worrying about college, even though I know I’ve procrastinated a huge amount.

I’m meeting a friend tomorrow morning for a late breakfast as well so I have a feeling tomorrow will be quite a hectic day too. The feeling of impending doom is always amplified on Sundays.

I realise I’ve talked about feelings quite a lot today, and it’s because I truly am dreading the start of college once again and tonight, my emotions seem to be getting the better of me.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of my boring, daily routine!


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