Sundays, in my opinion, are the worst days when you’re a student. I yearn for a time in my life where Sundays leave me excited to get back to doing what I love the following week but as of right now, they leave me with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Today was not particularly my best day in terms of how much work I completed, but just the fact that I managed to complete everything that was absolutely necessary in decent time and to a good standard leaves me happy enough. I completed my last maths paper and marked and corrected all four that I’ve done. I think once the routine of college kicks back in again (hopefully tomorrow) I will realise just how unprepared I am for my C4 mock on Wednesday and I can already feel that Tuesday night is going to be a lot of cramming. I am truly dreading this mock.

I did my chemistry Kerboodle quizzes and did decently on both, fortunately. I’ve noticed that last year, chemistry was significantly easier yet I was still not doing as well as I’d hoped on it, whereas this year, I seem to be getting along quite well even though the content is really confusing sometimes. I’m not sure what kind of fire was lit within me for chemistry between last year and this year (I actually enjoy it this year too!) but I’m loving it and I hope the same thing happens with all my other subjects too.

This Easter term will last 5 weeks, which I think is the shortest full term we’ll have to undergo now and I’m hoping and praying it goes quickly. The idea that the content is coming to an end in many of my subjects is really daunting as the prospect of revising two whole years worth of it becomes all the more real. We are so close to freedom but I just need to make this final home stretch count and make it all worth it, so I can have a relaxed and well deserved summer break.

The time scale is making me feel optimistic as I’ve noticed college has made me more stressed out than I’ve ever been, and despite exams coming before we can leave college, I feel obligated to make these past two years count. I am now at the point where I will do whatever I can to reach my goals and no one can stop me, because I know in my heart that I’m so capable of achieving the grades I want if I put the work into it.

My goals for tomorrow:
– Get through college, somehow
– Mark and correct all my chemistry questions and homework that I did over half term (of course I didn’t do this today!)
– Correct my biology exam
– Revise for maths!

The rest of my day today was pretty nice. I met up with my best friend this morning and we took a lovely trip to town, even though we were met with many disasters along our journey. We took it all in stride and dealt with it as it came. The weather was also so lovely!

It is, however, supposed to get quite snowy and very cold this week, which is extremely frustrating. I feel like the winter attempted to dishearten us a lot this year, and I honestly can’t wait for longer days, basking in the sunshine. These past few days when it’s been slightly sunnier, I can see myself being more productive and working harder. Here’s to hoping the weather stays alright!

Thank you all, wishing you as lovely a Monday as is possible. Good night from me.

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