Today was one of those days where I wished with all my heart that I hadn’t attended college. Turns out all those weather reports were correct and this morning I awoke to a thick coat of snow covering everything and it made my whole day feel a lot longer than it really was. I am dreading the journey to college for the rest of this week as well because it’s not supposed to get much better.

Work today was mainly focused on revision for my maths mock tomorrow (!) and I still feel incredibly unprepared, despite doing  about 360 marks worth of C4 questions over these past few days. I just keep making silly mistakes! It’s so frustrating when you know the content yet you still overlook minor details and forget things. I am really hoping I do well tomorrow because I want to be good at C4.

Also, I got an offer from Leeds today! I realised earlier that I haven’t even spoken about who I am and what I’m doing and what I’m aiming to  do in the future. So I’ve applied to study medicine in university from September 2018 and I have offers from Manchester and Leeds now. Seeing as I live in Manchester I will probably be going with that, though I am on the Leeds Access Program so it’s not as clear cut a decision as it could be just yet. I am so grateful and blessed to have two offers and I am very excited to start university, especially doing something that I’m so passionate about.

I will, at some point, write a quick post introducing me, as I understand this whole blog might give off a feeling of being dropped slap bang in the middle of someone’s college life. I thank you for your continued patience on this front.

My goals for tomorrow:
– Do my best with that C4 mock
– Finish homework for the rest of the week. I remembered just now that I have a vocab test in French on Thursday so I need to make a vocab sheet for that rapidly
– Make a snowman

With the amount of untouched snow in our backyard, I am very much looking forward to having a go at making a snowman. I would have made it today but I was busy with revision for tomorrow so that might be a nice treat after college tomorrow. The truth is, I love the snow so much, but it’s a real inconvenience when trying to get on with life. I have secretly been wishing that college just got cancelled tomorrow but that’s unlikely as it was still open today.

Thank you all, I’m off to sleep.

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