I am still alive and kicking, guys, which I suppose is good. I had my maths mock today and it went terribly! While I was aware that they selected a range of difficult questions to properly test our understanding of C4, it’s awfully disheartening to feel as if you’ve not done very well, especially when you do so much preparation for it.

We are moving past it now, though. At least it’s over.

The rest of my day was okay, but let me tell you, the weather is horrific still! The Beast from the East, as it is so lovingly called is raging havoc in my life, with the difficulties it’s giving me and my journeys. I really just wish college would get cancelled for the rest of this week but it’s looking unlikely.

I also didn’t get to make my snowman today but hopefully tomorrow. Something tells me, however, that this weather will stay until the weekend so I can always make my snowman then if I don’t get time during the week. The backyard, meanwhile, is accumulating quite the layer of snow, so I’m looking forward to playing in it.

I have made a pact with my friend in my maths class that we’re going to complete two past papers every Thursday and then discuss them on Friday. We are both resitting the same module and she’s as determined, if not more, than I am and that kind of company is always appreciated. We are starting off with C2 and C3 past papers but that’s subject to change over the coming weeks as exams come closer.

Tomorrow is a very long day at college for me, which feels longer than normal because I will have four hours free in the middle of the day. I can think of various places I’d rather be than in college trying to kill time for four hours but I guess at least I can get my past papers done.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– C2 and C3 past papers
– Complete the chemistry booklet we’re doing in class and get a head start on the next topic we’ll be covering in lesson.
– Work on IRP: find research, make a list of questions relating to it

I have been getting a surprisingly small amount of homework recently which is satisfying, but it’s making me panic a little because I’ve realised I need some direction and stricter goals to actually achieve anything. I need to start taking revision seriously too now because even though I’ve been doing bits here and there, I am not yet prepared enough for exams and starting early can only be helpful in the long run.

That’s it from me today guys, see you tomorrow!

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