Not only was today the first of March, the start of a beautiful month, but it was also a snow day! I know what you’re thinking- snow? Just as March begins? It’s true and this storm has been raging for a while. Fortunately, our college had the sense to close today and it’s closed tomorrow too! Now the only problem is getting enough work done, to make this long weekend actually count for something.

The funniest thing is, however, I awoke this morning, and they hadn’t yet sent us the message about college being closed, but I took one look out the window at the blizzard outside, and snuggled right back into my blanket, because I had made my decision there and then to not attend college. I’m sure you can imagine my sheer joy at finding out I didn’t even need to feel guilty about taking a day off because they cancelled it anyways!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get nearly as much work done as I wanted to. My aim was to finish the two past papers I promised my friend I would, and I’ve finished one and a half so far. It’s 1:50 am and I am feeling like the more maths I do right now, the higher the chance it will all be wrong. I always tend to get careless when I am sleepy. I’m thinking I might just finish it tomorrow morning but I am really disappointed I didn’t do them both today. I guess I’ll see how much energy I have while I’m awake right now.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Start biology notes on our next topic, photosynthesis
– Finish my C3 maths past paper if I don’t finish it tonight (let’s be real: I’m not finishing it tonight)
– Maybe have a look at the start of S1 which we should’ve been starting in maths tomorrow
– Finish my chemistry booklets up to where we’re at now and have a look at the next topic

I also really want to play in the snow tomorrow but the wind is blowing all sorts of things on to it and it looks a bit worse for wear now. I kind of want the weather to improve now so I can start driving to places as well. My brother is starting to get annoyed by the fact I haven’t taken him anywhere yet. I told him I’d treat him when the weather cleared up!

I’ll update you all tomorrow, hopefully after a productive day.


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