Another beautiful snow day has passed and the bliss of this long weekend feels very real right now. I am floating on a cloud.

A very unproductive cloud, unfortunately, so maybe we will chalk it up to disbelief that this cloud feels so good. This metaphor is getting a bit extended, I will stop now. I did nothing today, you guys, nothing! Well I mean, I finished that C3 past paper from yesterday (not all that impressive since I only had four questions left anyways) and I didn’t even mark it or anything, just left it for the wolves! I couldn’t face the blow to my self esteem of having to acknowledge that I did everything wrong. This is definitely not the best way forward my friends, I would avoid it all costs if I were you.

I actually also made some biology notes on photosynthesis, but looking at the grand scheme of things, seeing that I did one page of notes and finished a past paper, it’s not looking good for my Friday. Tomorrow will be better hopefully. I do have some French homework to complete for next week but other than that, none of my other subjects have set homework so I can truly get on with revision this weekend, if my stubborn attitude can take a break.

My revision game plan is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but I have not yet come to any concrete decisions yet. I am still thinking on the best strategy to move forward and once I’ve decided that, I will update you guys! As of right now, I am feeling blissfully ignorant of the deadlines closing in around me but I think today was a much needed day of relaxation. I watched a lot of Youtube videos, tapped into my creative side and have been doing a little bit of self reflection.

I was thinking I would really like to start a bullet journal at some point, but I fear it may be another one if those things I start and forget about in two weeks. I’m honestly surprised I’ve managed to keep this blog up for so long without missing a day. My reasoning behind the bullet journal is that if I can keep up a blog, surely I could keep up a bullet journal.

My mind is teeming with ideas after being so inspired today by the various videos I watched. However, my main priority is actually to make this blog a bit of a more user friendly place. While this may be my study related stream of consciousness, I want it to eventually be more than that. I am full of ideas but wary about managing my time well enough to handle everything.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Chemistry past paper on the AS content is a good idea
– Make some more biology notes
– Do the French speaking homework for Monday
– Edit and learn the IRP!
– Devise a list of questions for the IRP
– Gather the bulk of my research for the IRP

As you can see, my list for tomorrow is long but my priority is the French IRP homework and speaking, as that’s all due in on Monday.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day, I hope the weather is treating you well where you are, and I hope you’re as healthy as ever. See you tomorrow!

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