You all know how I feel about Sundays, so I’ll spare you the sob story that seems to arise every week.

In counting my blessings for today, I would like to express how thankful I am for the two extra days of weekend that we were given, regardless of the fact that I really didn’t do anything productive with my time. Funnily enough I’ve spent this whole evening doing my homework, which really should have been done earlier. However, I am making some good headway with the behind-the-scenes work of my French IRP and hope to do MSF justice when I speak about them in my speaking exam. I also realised I forgot to mention that we now know the dates of the speaking exams, which will be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May so wherever I fall on the register determines what day my exam will be on. I am optimistic to be quite honest, as I was worried about doing well with French speaking but my teacher maintains that I will be fine. The worrying is part of the process!

I also marked that C3 paper I did so long ago and I did fine with that. I keep making silly mistakes which are all out of carelessness and these always end up being my downfall because I am otherwise not all that bad. I feel like in every single exam, I get so close to the answer, get all the marks surrounding an answer, use every right identity, and then mess it up with the answer. We will work on correcting this before my exams this year because I’m so committed to getting a good grade for maths.

Today, I witnessed something I didn’t think I’d see in such full force so soon: my little brother admitting very openly that he is unprepared for his GCSE exams and he feels as if he’s not getting enough work done. From my perspective, I would tell him not to worry because GCSEs are a piece of cake, but I know when I did my GCSEs I felt the same way. The reality is, at the time, everything you do feels like the most difficult thing you’ve experienced and it’s only afterwards that you can appreciate how easy things were. I suggested a deletion of all his social medias in preparation for exams and he did express some excitement at the idea, though he said he’d do it after Easter and only until his hardest exams were over.

I think feeling comfortable being by yourself is a huge part of life and something you really tend to value as you get older. I’m sure he will one day stumble across this again and think, wow I can’t believe I was so obsessed with my social media that I couldn’t go a few months without it. Then again, he likes to suggest that the only reason I can stay off social media is because I’m unpopular! This is a falsehood, a fabrication for the most frivolous of reasons.

Once again, I feel like today has been a day of determination and enthusiasm to turn my life around. I am eager to get organised and spend my life living in the eternal now as opposed to worrying so much about the future or dwelling on the past. Personally, it’s the dwelling on the past that poses the most problems for me as I like to leave my future as open ended as possible for now. I, myself, need to spend some time away from my phone and spend some time visualising my goals in order to push me to achieve them.

I hope I can turn this weekend of self discovery into physical, reachable aims that I will strive to. I’ll try not to procrastinate on this.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Going over respiration for the biology lesson on Tuesday
– Collect more research for my IRP
– Read over chemistry notes from last year and make a list of things I’m still unsure of
– Maybe work on another past paper for C3

Wishing you all a wonderful week, remember to stay positive, stay optimistic, every day is yours to change your life in and there’s no better time than now to start aiming for the things you want to attain. I’ll actually stop now before I get too soppy, see you all tomorrow!

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