Hello all! Hope things are going well for you and your day has been productive.

My day has been very run of the mill and standard. I realised that all my frees on Monday are spent in the IT suite getting all computer related work done. Recently I’ve been focusing on the French IRP and I think the research behind it is really coming together, but I still haven’t linked it well enough to my title question and I’m sure my teacher will pick up on that when she rereads it.

Other than that, I’ve really not done much. I started some maths homework on integration we got today and had a look over the French homework from today too but I will probably get started on that tomorrow after college. My intention is to finish my maths homework in my frees tomorrow and do a little bit of work on the biology topic we’re doing right now in class, which is still respiration. Thanks to those unexpected snow days on Thursday and Friday, we missed a double biology lesson in which we were supposed to finish respiration.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m very worried we won’t finish the biology content to a decent standard by the time we begin study leave. We have a substantial amount of component 1 left and it does seem quite difficult too, in terms of the fact that it will require some solid teaching before any of us can truly understand it. I have a feeling I’ll need to do a lot more of it independently than I previously thought.

Tomorrow I’m very determined to get some solid revision done. I’m thinking I can spend a solid three hours every night after college on work and I would like to dedicate an hour, maximum, to homework and looking over classwork. The remaining two hours really need to be focused on revision because not only do I need to go over content from last year again, but I also need to do as many practice questions as possible. Writing this in real time, I’m beginning to see the holes in allocating only an hour for homework and classwork when that does take up quite some time. I may consider having it half and half with current work and revision for a while, until the exams get closer at least.

My study goals for tomorrow, therefore, are:
– Complete my maths homework (in my first free)
– Recap respiration for biology and try some practice questions (in my second free)
At home:
– First priority is French homework, which is due in on Wednesday
– Go over chemistry Module 2 notes, write down any topics that need more work, make any notes that are lacking (30 mins – 1 hour. Should be closer to 30 minutes because Module 2 is relatively straightforward and my notes are quite detailed)
– Topic questions on every subtopic of Module 2 (1 hour)

That’s the plan for tomorrow. I think writing down how long I expect to spend on each topic is especially helpful because I tend to procrastinate so having a loose time deadline will mean I work a little bit faster. This may have to become a regular thing!

A personal goal of mine for tomorrow is to put my phone far away from me once I start revision which will help me stick to my deadlines as well (or at least I hope it will).

That’s all for today, I hope I can follow through with my ambitious revision plans for tomorrow. Stay safe everyone and enjoy your week!

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