Hello friends, I hope your week has been good so far.

My day today was semi productive, fortunately, but not hugely on the revision front. I spent my free doing a C2 past paper and, quite surprisingly, I only have the last part of the last question of that paper left to do now. I managed to do almost the whole paper in about 40 minutes, which is good as that leaves me more time to check through my answers. Unfortunately I didn’t finish it when I got home today but that should be very quick and I can do it tomorrow. I even did a little bit of chemistry revision, although I did intend to do more.

Thursdays are always very long days for me so I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. I have four hours free during my first and last lesson and those four hours drain the energy out of me. Funnily enough, both of my lessons tomorrow also drag so intensely, so Thursdays are exhausting for me.

However, on the plus side, it does give me quite a lot of time to get work done. I think I’m going to do my biology homework for Friday and another maths past paper (I’m thinking C3 or C4). Me and my brother are planning on maybe going to the cinema tomorrow evening too, so if we do end up going, I’ll need to finish the bulk of my homework before we go.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Biology homework in my frees tomorrow
– C3/ C4 past paper in my frees tomorrow
– Finish anything unfinished when I get home
– If I stay at home all evening then I should do some practice paper questions for chemistry

I’ve realised that while my mind is focused on studying, my body seems unwilling to let go of its nasty habits, for example, spending the majority of the evening procrastinating on my phone. This is something I’ll really need to work on if I’m to get revision done at all and I can feel myself becoming lazier day by day. The thing is, I just need to do it, and get on with things, there’s no time left to be lazy and careless.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say today, wishing you all a lovely, productive day tomorrow!

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