Hi guys! Don’t ask me about my revision today because it was a shambles from the get go.

I’m sure you recall yesterday I expressed how I was going to do some chemistry revision for Module 2, but I’m afraid to report, it didn’t happen at all. I know it’s terrible, but I got so much biology homework today that is all due in tomorrow and while I did complete my maths homework in my lunch free, I hadn’t checked over it. Admittedly, I could have managed my time much better today. Dare I tell you, I even had a 20 minute power nap! I am disappointed in myself more than anyone else today, but it’s alright, these things happen sometimes.

I actually even succeeded in getting some fresh air at lunch today! Crazy, I know. After finishing my maths homework, I felt sufficiently prepared for my biology lesson and didn’t feel the need to do any more revision on respiration so I decided to go outside with a friend, buy some chocolate, spend some time talking. I fear these relaxing lunches will very soon be replaced by constant presence in the library, but in a way I’m looking forward to it too, as I still feel eager and determined to achieve good grades.

At home I did my French homework, biology homework and looked over some of the statistics stuff for maths. I’m sure I’ve driven home the point that I didn’t do enough but I really want to stress that this will not be a regular occurrence (hopefully).

I am thanking God very graciously for my late start tomorrow because this morning I woke up feeling as if I hadn’t slept at all. My sleeping pattern is always misaligned with my college routine and it’s taking its toll on me. I hope to sleep well tonight and catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed out these past few days.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Start a C2 past paper in my free tomorrow
– Do my Module 2 revision for chemistry when I come back home
– Complete any homework for Thursday (I don’t think I have any so far, so fingers crossed it stays that way!)
– Finish my C2 paper at home then mark and correct it
– If I have time then start Module 3 revision for chemistry

I’m thinking I need to start doing biology revision soon too and I think the main way I’m going to do that is by adding pictures to my already condensed notes. I realised when I was going through them last time that I have barely any drawings, yet drawing can really be a powerful tool when committing something to memory. As such, I may try an activity involving only drawing and then try and explain my drawings to someone afterwards, as this seems like it could be a useful way to understand new concepts.

Thank you all for reading, here’s to a more productive tomorrow!

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