Today felt so long but the weather really picked up before midday and I feel like the sunshine makes me generally so much more motivated!

So I guess I’d class my 4 hours of frees as quite productive today as I managed to do all my biology homework, which included making notes on some pretty complex concepts (damned photosynthesis complicating everything!) and I got just over half way through a C3 past paper, and then came across a baffling question, that I sat for a long time mulling over, with my friend from my maths class. She was determined to figure out where we had gone wrong as we were almost at the answer but simply couldn’t understand what we had done incorrectly. I did manage to figure it out when I got home so I’ll tell her tomorrow, though I doubt she would be able to sleep tonight without knowing the answer to that question, I am confident she will have worked on it this evening too.

I’m finding that having a pact with someone, like my friend from maths, is extremely disciplining because it becomes a team effort and we have set days to talk about the papers we’ve done so it’s like letting both yourself and someone else down, which, personally, I try to avoid.  We have arranged to do 5 maths past papers over the course of this week and I’ve completed my one from today so I have 4 left now.  Maths revision feels so accomplishing because all you need to do is practice, it’s rarely making notes and mind maps and it is so heavily focused on problem solving.

Since I got home, however (I really did go off on a tangent, didn’t I?), I’ve done basically nothing. I watched a Youtube video to explain the light dependent reactions in photosynthesis again for my lesson tomorrow and finished my maths paper, but the rest of my evening has been embarrassingly lazy.

The urge to get back into reading is also rearing its obstructive head but I need to avoid that if I want to get any kind of revision done. I’m actually also going on holiday to Istanbul for 5 days over Easter, so I need to get a huge amount of revision done before then.

I think I need to start travelling outside of my house to do revision as then I feel obliged to study and feel like it’s a waste of time and money going all that way for nothing. Saturday should ideally be a library day, so I think I’ll try and organise that.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– C4 past paper (at least start it, I have done a lot of maths recently but I don’t want to neglect my other subjects in favour of this)
– Read over notes for last year’s chemistry topics and attempt a range of past paper questions on every topic
– Continue making notes for biology. There’s no way we’re finishing this course on time and I need to take matters into my own hands as soon as possible

My main aim for tomorrow is definitely some chemistry revision. I know I’ve not really done much on biology revision but I think I will make that the focus of my weekend, alongside French, as I need to go over component 2 in particular and finish my condensed notes.

I could go on forever, I feel like I have a lot to say today, but I will limit myself as it’s almost 1am and I need to be in college for 8:40am. I just know that the sleep deprivation is going to hit me hard tomorrow, especially as I only slept about 4 hours last night. Fridays are always so difficult because the week of bad sleep catches up with me and I finish early, so it takes an immense amount of willpower to not nap through my Friday evenings. This, my friends, is the exciting life of a college student.

I will speak to you all tomorrow! Goodbye and I hope you enjoy your Friday.

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