Hello everyone, I hope this week has been a good one for you all!

Today, I am sad to say, I have done nothing at all. I went to college, came back home and I was asleep by 3pm, waking up at 6:45 in the evening. I was well and truly conked out for the majority of my time at home and funnily enough, I have no regrets about it. I mean, I know I will on Sunday night when I’ll be cursing all the time I spent sleeping and not doing something useful, but I’m trying to let myself enjoy my time as well.

I think that’s something I have difficulty facing a lot of the time, the fact that I can’t be expecting myself to work constantly while I’m at home, and I think I’m still setting unrealistic goals to a certain extent. I mean, I’ve not done nothing, but I’ve done a lot less than I wanted to. I started on another C3 paper which we were set as homework but I’ve only done around 3 questions on that as I wanted to focus more time on other revision. Besides that, I’ve been doing chemistry revision by attempting past paper questions on some Module 2 topics. I haven’t gone over my notes again as a lot of the concepts covered in these modules are covered again in greater detail farther along in the course and I feel like I know enough of the basics to make some good progress with the questions.

The sense of urgency seems to not have kicked in hard enough yet, because I am still complacent and as unproductive as I always am. I had a 4 hour nap today which was something I really wanted to avoid and yet I still let it happen. In trying to be honest with myself, I can only come to the conclusion that I can’t really want it if I’m not making an effort, but everything in me is screaming at me to sort myself out.

I am caught between not wanting to be too hard on myself and wanting to discipline myself to stop things like that from ever happening, because the truth is, extended periods of not doing any work, like my unnecessary nap today, would be absolutely acceptable if I spent equally extended periods putting in a lot of work and effort to my revision. If I’m not doing that, and spending most of my revision sessions procrastinating, then I am really at a dead end with myself.

I am hoping to head to the library tomorrow, despite the fact it will probably be raining and gloomy. I will go to great lengths to focus myself on what is important right now and honestly, I feel the need to detach myself a little bit from the people around me.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Make condensed biology notes on flashcards for component 2 for the topics I haven’t yet done them for
– Make detailed notes on the rest of photosynthesis
– Complete my French homework
– Start to collate the vast number of topics we’ve done in French and bring them into a form of revision, either with mind maps or a sheet of vocab

I’m still undecided as to how I’m going to approach my revision for French, but the speaking exams are approaching rapidly and I think these will be the real test of culture and knowledge and vocabulary, especially as the discussion cards could vary from any of the topics we did last year as well. I know I want to include a section on cultural knowledge linking to the topic but the vocabulary is equally as important for every topic. I have a feeling a lot more work needs to be put in before I am really ready for French speaking.

In terms of chemistry and maths, I just need to continue doing practice papers and exam questions. I feel like as long as I can set aside time for these topics regularly and do nothing but practice, I will hopefully be alright.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a lot more productive than today and I am successful in getting a sufficient amount of work done. I hope you are successful in achieving your goals too. Goodnight and goodbye from me.

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