Good evening all! I hope your weekend is going well and you’ve found time to relax among the hectic bustle of everyday life.

I didn’t go to the library today but in my shame from Friday, I did do a lot of work today and manage to get quite a significant amount of what I wanted to done. I spent the morning doing condensed biology notes on one of the remaining topics of component 2 (sexual reproduction in plants: indeed, my weekend has been riveting!) I realised also that I still have quite a bit of component 2 left to do, but hopefully if I can spend my revision time just making decent notes then that should be enough. I also don’t think it will take a huge amount of time if I can get down to business and focus for long enough.

The rest of the day I spent doing French homework for Monday, which was three very long translations, and they took absolutely forever. I didn’t manage to get my French speaking homework done though, which will be my priority for tomorrow. I also think I’ll get that French revision done tomorrow that I said I was going to do today. Perhaps my goals have not been as realistic as I thought all along, because there was no way I would have been able to fit in so much work today.

However, it must be known that I did spend a lot of my time sulking today because I wanted to go out and no one wanted to go out anywhere with me. Typical weekend in this household.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– French speaking homework
– French revision for speaking exams
– Carry on working through that past paper that was set for homework in maths

I won’t be able to get lots of work done tomorrow morning and afternoon since I’m going out for my friend’s birthday meal, but I’m sure the evening should be productive.

I will sign off here today as I’m so exhausted and can’t wait to be sleep. A weekend is nothing without a significant amount of sleep for me.

Goodbye all!

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