Hi all! A short update for you today unfortunately, because I actually haven’t done much at all. I went out for my friend’s birthday meal and came home around 5. After that, I just did my French speaking homework and worked a little bit on my C3 past paper that was set as homework. I only realised quite late that I also had a chemistry homework booklet to complete for Tuesday which I really should have done today too, but I guess I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

I’m running a little behind with maths past papers as I seem to only have the attention span for like one subject in a day on the days I’m doing only revision and no homework, for example, I only did biology yesterday. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t do more today but I think I needed a little bit of time to relax as well, and I spent some of my evening watching Youtube videos.

Hopefully this week will be productive and I’ll get all my work done with plenty of time for revision.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Complete the IRP form in my free tomorrow (this shouldn’t take very long at all)
– Finish my C3 past paper if possible in my free
– Complete a significant amount of the chemistry homework booklet while I’m in college tomorrow

Hopefully when I come home I will just have a few loose ends to tie up with this work so I can spend some time doing revision. I am aiming to do a few more past paper questions on chemistry topics from last year and see if I can start my condensed notes for the next topic in biology (inheritance I think).

To highlight one of my achievements today, I must inform you that I drove about an hour to the restaurant where my friend’s meal was and came back without experiencing any hiccups at all, fortunately! I was with another one of my friends and it was really lovely having deep car chats with her, so overall my day today has been a little bit blissful. I am not ready for the chaos that ensues every time Monday rolls around.

I will speak to you all tomorrow, goodbye!

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