I totally almost forgot to write today, despite the fact I’ve been documenting my day internally  all day so I’d know what to write about!

Even so, I feel like I’ve forgotten about my whole day now that it comes to actually writing about it. I managed to get my C3 past paper finished and I did all my chemistry homework pretty early on. Unfortunately I couldn’t complete the form for the IRP because the internet at college wasn’t working today. What a disaster! Personally, I thought the dependency on the internet was quite comical when hearing other peoples’ stories (some teachers cancelled whole lessons) but none of my lessons were significantly affected.

However, at around half 10 this evening, I realised I had quite a bit of biology homework to do that I hadn’t written down anywhere. So another late night for me, working on photosynthesis again, and honestly I feel like all I’ve done is copy stuff down to do the work, but I’ve not actually learnt anything. Hopefully in my frees tomorrow I’ll be able to go over the Calvin cycle again and actually understand everything I wrote. I really don’t recommend doing this, by the way, it’s a lot more useful to understand as you actually do the work.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Have a look over the Calvin cycle in my frees
– Get started on the C4 past paper set as homework
– Do my French homework as soon as I get home
– Start biology notes on Inheritance for component 2

I’m doing that thing again where I do absolutely no revision throughout the week, but I can’t help it when homework seems to pop up out of nowhere constantly. Feeling a little down today, a little fatigued, but let’s hope tomorrow is good.

Goodbye all!

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