Hi guys, I keep almost forgetting to write nowadays! It’s 1am now so a very short update from me as I’m really lacking on sleep.

My day today was actually not very good at all as I felt so fatigued and lethargic I could barely concentrate in class. Honestly I was so tempted to go home before my last lesson of the day as I had 2 hours free before it too but I powered through and dealt with it. I think this discipline is what I lack with my revision, but maybe to such an extent is actually doing the opposite as I think it really would have been best for me to just come home early today. Some days you simply need a little bit of time to recuperate.

I did have a little nap as well after I came home which wasn’t the best course of action but it was so necessary , I can see my mental and physical health deteriorating in front of my very eyes due to college and this is only exacerbated thanks to my lack of sleep. Don’t worry though, I have a late start tomorrow so you can bet your bottom dollar I will be sleeping in till as late as possible.

I started my Inheritance notes in my frees today in college and also started the C4 past paper that’s due in on Friday as homework. I’m prioritising the homework past papers first but I know I really need to get those other past papers done too that I promised my friend we’d do. I feel like Inheritance is all just drawing genetic crosses out but hopefully I’ll be done with it soon enough, as it’s quite a small topic. I only spent an hour or so on it today and managed to get a significant amount done.

When I came home I did all my French homework, the biology homework I got today and checked over my C3 paper again, which our teacher told us she’s going to mark, so at least that’s one less thing on my list.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Work through my C4 past paper and hopefully finish it
– See if I can read a bit more of the book No et Moi for French since we’ll be doing that in class on Thursday and I really don’t remember any of it
– Try and complete my Inheritance notes

I’m hoping to do a significant amount of the C4 paper in my single free tomorrow so I only need to finish it when I come home and then focus on reading for French and my biology notes.

Thank you all for tuning in today, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully not forgetting and ending up writing so late again!

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