Guys I am somewhat resigned to the fact I am procrastinating very badly this week and I feel like there is nothing I can do to change things.

Today I have been so unproductive, you would be ashamed of me, I am sad just thinking about it. I realised I did all my homework for tomorrow already and as such, I’ve been so complacent all day. I finished that C4 past paper after I came back home from college and then I pulled out all my biology stuff to do some Inheritance notes but I honestly got one flashcard done. That’s it. I know the plan was to be more productive today, but I think physically I am struggling. Even after getting a significant amount of sleep last night, I am so tired constantly, I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with me, especially this week, because it’s not like I’ve been sleeping as atrociously as I have done in the past, but the tiredness feels so much more amplified. Everything feels a bit off, for example, when I woke up this morning, I felt so dizzy and off balance, which continued until I reached college. Something strange is going on with me these days and I fear it will only get worse.

On the other hand though, I guess we’re (oh-so-slowly) approaching the end of this long week. I mean, it’s Thursday tomorrow so the truth is we still have two whole days to go, but I am struggling to think of many other things going well at this point.

Also Thursdays are unbearable college days because I have 4 hours free in the middle of the day. I have been praying hard that my chemistry lesson at the end of the day gets cancelled so I can go home at 10:25 but I don’t think it’s going to happen, as my teacher is not the type to miss a lesson.

I’m thinking I might head over to Costa when my frees start in the morning so I can grab a nice breakfast and sit and do some work there for a bit. I don’t have any friends with me for the first 2 hours of my frees at least so it’s not like I have much to stay in college for. Also, I think I’ll need some food tomorrow to actually get me through what feels like the longest day ever.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Biology notes are the main port of call for my frees tomorrow. I should finish Inheritance and make some good headway on Variation and Evolution
– Look over the chemistry stuff we’re doing in tomorrow’s lesson
– When I come home I need to check over that C4 paper that was homework
– Do my biology homework, which hopefully shouldn’t take that long
– See if I can do some French or chemistry revision, depending on how I feel

I sincerely hope I am more successful with my goals tomorrow. Thank you all for reading my seemingly identical rambles about how I’ve really not been keeping up with my ambitions. I guess that would be more contradictory to read if my blog was called Musings of a Motivated Student! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and do your work, my friends!

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