Hello everybody! Hope you’re all doing well. My friend from my maths class, who has made an appearance quite a few times on this blog, just informed that she got an offer from the university she’s been waiting on and I’ve never been happier for her! Her news has really made my night so much better because I know how worried she’s been and I’m excited for her. It’s so nice to see good people thrive and achieve their dreams.

Now the stress of getting the grades becomes the only thing on our minds. The truth is, there is very little time left until Easter (only 2 weeks now!) and then we have 2 weeks of holidays, before the final 5 week stretch before exams begin. The C2 resit is actually even before that so I really need to get to work on that to ensure the grades I want.

I mean, I know I’ve expressed time and time again how much of a mistake doing four subjects was but now that there’s some leniency, in terms of the fact that I definitely need an A in biology and chemistry but I only need one more A between maths and French, I feel a little more confident. Although personally I am aiming for all As at least, it’s nice to know there’s a little leeway.

So today, I did nowhere near as much work as I planned (surprise surprise!) because I ended up spending a significant chunk of my frees with friends and eating. I don’t mind that much though, I really hope my Friday evening and weekend are very productive, because the list of things I need to do, either for homework or revision, seems to be growing exponentially.

I do, however, want to share that I completed my Inheritance notes today so I can start Variation and Evolution tomorrow. I need to zoom through these biology notes now because there’s really not much time. I am also so far behind on my chemistry notes but I’ve always felt like I get chemistry more when I do practice questions, so that will be something important to focus on these next few weeks.

It also turned out I had a lot more biology homework than I anticipated (as always) so I spent a solid amount of time in the evening working on that. I will insert a mind map I made as part of a task we had to complete for the homework, because I ended up making it so quickly and it turned out alright. I think procrastination settles itself on the back burner when I’m under extreme time pressures, which I’m thankful for.

IMG_5480 (1)

The left side seems to lack the bright colours of the right side but that’s alright.

I will admit I enjoyed making a pretty mind map even though it’s unlikely I will look at it again. My revision technique is very much set in stone now and it would be risky to stray from tried and tested methods now.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Hopefully start and finish Variation and Evolution notes
– Do a C2 and C3 past paper tomorrow for practise

Not a huge list of goals, I know, but they are hefty tasks and I’ll be honest, it’s unlikely I’ll even get all that done.

Thank you all for reading, wishing you a lovely Friday!

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