Hope everyone has had a nice week and is looking forward to their weekend! I, for one, am very excited to sleep without time restrictions tonight.

Today has been decently productive, fortunately, as I finished all my variation and evolution notes after starting them today. I’m so surprised I actually managed to do the whole topic but in all honesty, it was quite a small and pretty basic topic. The progress I’ve made with my biology notes has been quite satisfying, though the next topic (Applications of Reproduction and Genetics) is extremely long and that will take quite a while to finish. After that, I’m done for component 2 and I’ll only have component 1 left to work on, which is what we’re currently doing in class. I feel like it will be very fulfilling to be caught up on all the older content for biology but I fear I may have to turn my attention to chemistry and French especially because my chemistry revision has been very sparse so far.

I’d also like to share one of the flashcards I made today which I was very proud of because I even included some cute little drawings on it.


Charles Darwin complete with fuzzy beard and all!

Other than that, however, I’ve not done much at all. College went quite quickly, which it normally does on Fridays because my day is packed with lessons, and I also get to go home early for once. The only day I don’t finish college at 4:00 is on a Friday which only adds to the ‘Friday appeal’ for me!

The weather is supposed to get really cold again for the next few days but I really hope it doesn’t because it’s such a nuisance and I really want to go to the library tomorrow, but only if it’s not snowy or icy outside. If it is then we can wave goodbye to my already weak intentions.

For tomorrow, my study goals are:
– Hopefully complete all the French homework I have (of which there is a lot)
– C3 past paper for maths
– Start my notes on Applications for biology
– Go back over my French IRP and make sure I’ve memorised it, as she’s expecting us to perform it to partners on Monday. I will also need to ensure I have enough research to answer my questions.

That’s the plan for tomorrow. If I do end up at the library then I think I will postpone my French homework and do that when I come home instead. I seem to associate the library with revision only and as such, homework gets shoved to the side when I do find myself at the library. As much as I do want to get my biology notes done, I want to spend more time on chemistry too, so I think Sunday should be spent doing chemistry.

In terms of my life in general, things are going alright. I’m feeling better than I was at the start of the week and while the prospect of only having 2 weeks until Easter leaves my stomach in knots, I am also a bit excited to have some time off. Admittedly, I’m totally ready to leave college now and I just want to go to university.

I really, sincerely hope I can get my grades and have no problems going to university in September. I am so ready for the next chapter of my life.

I will speak to you all tomorrow, hopefully with good news about my productive day! Hope your weekend is full of joy, whatever your joy may be.

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