Hello everybody! Hope everyone has had a nice, successful day.

It snowed a lot today and there’s still a blizzard going on right now. While it’s true that this kind of weather is very inconveniencing, it’s admittedly very pretty, especially since it’s a weekend and I don’t need to go anywhere. I will confess that I went out earlier to play in the backyard with my brother and then we even went to our local supermarket because I was really craving chocolate. It’s just so cold, it’s really putting me off everything because I want to spend all my time in bed where I am warm and happy.

As a result of all these extraneous factors, I found myself to be very unproductive today unfortunately. I did a tiny bit of French homework but there were so many listening activities and I find listening so difficult so I kind of gave up after a while. I did, however, manage to do my maths homework which is due in on Wednesday so hopefully I’ll have more time during the week to do a bit of revision.

Tomorrow, my study goals are:
– French speaking homework
– Finish the French homework that’s due in on Monday at least
– Do some chemistry revision for the organic modules and look over last years content on organic chemistry

I hate to say it but I fear I will only get the very minimum done tomorrow because I’ve been in such a complacent, weird mood recently. I need to destroy this attitude of mine and get back on track, especially before Easter so I can do as many past paper questions for everything over the 2 weeks of Easter.

I am also making bread sticks tomorrow! Back when we went on holiday to Toronto in 2016, we had the bread sticks at Pizza Hut there and my goodness, they were the most delicious bread sticks I’ve ever had in my life. We realised a few months ago that they do them here in the UK too on the buffet menu but they were nothing compared to the ones we had there. I still dream about going back to Canada just for more of those. I found a recipe today that it supposed to be a copy of those bread sticks and they looked really good in the video so I’m hoping ours turn out just as nice as the original ones. I am really looking forward to trying out that recipe!

As a quick aside, I absolutely adored our Toronto trip and have been set on the decision for a long time that I will move to Canada when I’m older and have settled my career. I intend to write about my future aspirations and goals at some point soon in the future because I think verbalising these goals will help me to focus better on the actions I need to take now in order to achieve them.

So the weather is supposed to get better tomorrow (as in it’s supposed to stop snowing) but my little brother was saying earlier today that he hoped it wouldn’t stop snowing so school would be cancelled on Monday, since he has an exam on that day. He does make me laugh and that’s exactly the kind of thing I’d be wishing for too, exam or not. Nevertheless, I don’t think the weather is going to get that bad to shut school/college down again.

Climate change is real, people, it’s in front of our eyes, disguised as blizzards in mid-March.

I hope tomorrow is more productive for me and for you too. Goodbye from me!

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