Hi all! Very late update today so it’s going to be short again!

Today was alright in terms of revision because I spent my 2 hours free doing notes on Applications for biology so I’m about halfway through. This module is way too long for me to deal with but at leats all the information required is already on the specification so there’s very little extra information I need to research and add in. After college I copied up my maths homework in neat to hand in tomorrow and I got to work on my essay for French. I’ve got a solid plan for the essay including a couple of good quotes so hopefully writing it up tomorrow shouldn’t take too long.

I also did a bit of biology homework just before because she set us quite a bit today on the new topic we’ve begun but we’re going back to the previous topic in tomorrow’s lesson to analyse a practical that we never ended up getting round to.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Work on my essay in my free tomorrow
– Finish my essay when I get home
– Do some more notes on Applications
– Complete my chemistry homework

I may have an extra commitment or two pop up tomorrow so I’m not planning too much and I don’t think I’ll actually get too many notes done on Applications because my essay will take some time to do.

Well, I’m signing off now, wishing you a productive day tomorrow!


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