21/3/18 and 22/3/18

Hi guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I totally forgot to write yesterday! I remembered when I was on the brink of falling asleep, already halfway on my journey to Dreamland so I had to skip it yesterday. It’s alright, I am sure whatever I would have planned wouldn’t have been completely successful anyways.

Today has been somewhat productive. I spent my frees doing my maths homework due in tomorrow and completing the C3 paper that was set. I marked and corrected it when I came home and have been ploughing through biology work on Microbiology because we’re properly starting it tomorrow. Our teacher mentioned that she expects to finish the whole of the Microbiology topic before we break up for Easter which means we only have 2 double lessons and a single to finish it in.

I will, however, be missing a biology double and a chemistry double next Tuesday as I’m attending an offer holders day at the University of Manchester, which I’m super excited for, actually. Not only will I get to miss a whole Tuesday but I think the event itself will be fun and getting to meet other people who might potentially be on my course also sounds good. I often feel like an extrovert stuck in an introverts body but I don’t think I can elaborate on that until I’ve totally decided what I mean.

My study goals for tomorrow include:
– Stay behind after college to make the edits and additions to my EPQ report and project log
– Start a C4 paper when I get home
– Get a significant chunk done of my biology notes on Applications (maybe)

I’m still undecided whether I want to do my biology notes tomorrow or on Saturday when I am definitely heading to Central Library for a day of intense studying. I will have to think about it and decide tomorrow, depending on how I’m feeling.

I would also like to clean my desk up tomorrow as the stacks of odd sheets are really piling up and becoming a nuisance to deal with. While my desk is an organised mess, I like to have vast expanses of empty desk to spread my work out on and I feel like I can absorb may different things at once. The homework load is relatively light, though French is still as bad as ever with us getting at least 2 pieces of homework every lesson. Where is the time to revise? All my time for French is spent doing homework and I really need to spend a little bit of time working on vocabulary from last year for the upcoming speaking exams.

This will sound terrible but I kind of feel like doing hardcore revision on French is wasting my time. I know it’s not at all but I just feel like there’s other subjects I could be working on and getting solid work done as opposed to kind of rediscovering old vocabulary for topics that will probably not come up in the real exam. It’s silly and this mindset is not a good one to have but I think I just need to push past it and at least do something for French. Among the students in my class who are very eager to make French one of their priority subjects, I am someone for whom the subject has fallen by the wayside.

We must persevere and carry on though, as exams are right around the corner. Fridays feel quite long normally because I have lessons right after one another so I hope it goes quickly.

I also need to go to Sainsburys tomorrow, because my friend from maths showed me her weekly planner that she bought from there and I absolutely loved it! I have been all for organising my life recently but I realised that I have no actual medium with which to carry this out. My normal method of making to-do lists on scraggy post-it notes is a little bit unglamorous and I hope I will be tempted to make more progress when I write it out nice and pretty.

I’ve really gone on a bit today, maybe I’m subconsciously trying to make up for yesterday’s missed post. Thank you all, hope you have a good day tomorrow and are successful with all your endeavours.

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