Hello everyone! I hope your day has been productive and things are going well for you.

Today I actually managed to get a big chunk of stuff from my to-do list done! I went to the library earlier and it was so nice and peaceful, I can’t believe I don’t go there more often. I have a feeling I will be spending every day there during Easter, after I come back from my holiday.

Which reminds me, this time next week I’ll be in Turkey and that is also a hugely exciting prospect. I am really looking forward to seeing Turkey as one of my friends has been there many times and she absolutely loves it and she told me that she thinks I’ll like it too. I am really in the mood to see something beautiful and experience some peace. I just hope I can take my mind off exam revision but equally, I hope I can get right back into it when I come back. I’ll only have a week of Easter to revise really and then mocks start the second week back.

So to outline what I did today, I finished my Applications notes quite quickly and then moved on to making notes for all of Organic Chemistry from last year, so I pretty much made all Module 4 notes, which was good because I’ve now got some solid recap of that under my belt. I am hoping to do Module 6, so all of this year’s organic chemistry stuff before I go on holiday sometime this week hopefully. I also started a C4 paper but I did only one question from that before they announced that the library was closing. I ended up going later than I wanted to today because me and my mum went to get our eyebrows done beforehand, but hopefully next time I’ll head there super early so I have more time to get things done.

Since I’ve come home I’ve done half of my French homework and my maths statistics homework that we were set for Wednesday and I think I might write the main bulk of what I wanted to add to my EPQ now as well since I’m not going to sleep anytime soon. If I get that done tonight then I can look over it with a fine tooth comb tomorrow and edit it all. I also have French speaking homework due in on Monday and a little bit of research to do for French.

I have quite a bit of French homework due in for the rest of this week so I think I will focus on completing all my homework for the week tomorrow. I have a whole task sheet to finish for biology and I won’t be present in Tuesday’s lesson either and I’m sure we’ll get more then, so I’d rather not have it all pile up. I am really hoping and praying that college finishes early on Thursday because there is no way I can survive another 4 hour free.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Make sure my EPQ report is totally complete and edited
– French homework
– French speaking homework
– Complete the C4 paper I’ve started
– Finish biology task sheet Week 1 for Microbiology
– Do the French translation homework for Wednesday and the chapter questions on No et Moi
– Collate past paper questions on specific topics that will be in mocks from a variety of exam boards for biology and chemistry

It seems like a lot but it’s mostly homework and hopefully shouldn’t take too long.

Well that’s it from me for today. The clocks just went forward so now it’s 2am already. I shouldn’t have had that sneaky nap today, but I really felt like I deserved one after the work I put in. That’s okay, we will let it go this time!

Wishing you all a successful and fun Sunday, goodbye all!

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