Hello everybody, unfortunately I come with bad news today. I have fallen victim to our mutual enemy: the common cold. My nose will not stop running and my bright bedroom light is giving me a headache. It angers me that this is my fourth cold this season (this isn’t technically true because I’m referring to Winter and it’s most definitely Spring now, but I have put this in for added effect). I think college has made my immune system very weak because before now I barely ever got ill.

Consequently, I have wasted a lot of time today and spread a lot of snot on all the work I did manage to do. (Just joking! I only spread snot on some of it). I did my French speaking homework and finished the rest of my French homework. I also finished my EPQ essay which was the item on top of my priority list, which is good. Other than that, I’ve not done much else at all.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Finish a C2 and C4 past paper for maths
– Do the French translation that she set as homework for Wednesday
– Complete the biology week 1 task sheet for Microbiology
– Make past paper question packs for biology using questions from a variety of exam boards

I really hope I feel better tomorrow and I feel well enough to go to college and not have any issues when I’m there. I am also hoping I get all this work done tomorrow, especially as I need to print out a lot of past paper questions for biology and maybe chemistry this week, in order to complete them over Easter.

In other news, I’m very excited to go to sleep tonight because I feel like even though I woke up at a ridiculous time today, due to it being a weekend and not having anything specific to wake up for, I am still so tired. I want to get loads done this week because I am going to Turkey on Friday and that’s approaching so rapidly now.

It’s so crazy how fast time goes. I still remember thinking at the start of this term that I’m very excited about there not being any internal exams in college this term and now it’s almost over and we’ll have mocks the second week after we come back. I must say this everyday but college is ending so quickly and while I’m overjoyed about this, I know I don’t have much time left until exams. The reality remains that I need to work so much harder to keep on top of all four subjects and I don’t want to do badly on anything with the excuse that I had other subjects to focus on. It was my choice to take four and it is my responsibility to carry these through until the very end now and not use any subject as a scapegoat for other failures.

Not that there will be any failures, hopefully! I know I can do it, I haven’t been given high predicted grades for no reason. I trust that I will knock it out of the park as long as I try my very best and stop procrastinating. The dream of university is so close, I can almost touch it.

I also have to mention that the weather was absolutely gorgeous today! So stunning, and the fact that sunset now happens at half 7 in the evening is even more satisfying. I am so excited for summer and I hope it will be a good one.

Thank you all for tuning in. Hope your week is fun and you make magic happen.

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