Good merry Monday to you all!

Today has felt long, as every Monday often does. College was okay, nothing special, and since I’ve come home I’ve just been churning out translations for French which was the homework she set for Wednesday. It’s truly so frustrating that I didn’t get anything else done but there was so much to do with the French, I couldn’t have fitted anything else in.

Fortunately I’m not in college tomorrow as I’m attending that offer holder day at the University of Manchester, which gives me a little bit of time to catch up on the rest of the homework I have. I also needed to complete my biology task sheet for tomorrow’s lesson but since I won’t be in, I’ll have to complete it tomorrow night for Wednesday’s lesson. There’s not too much to do for that though because I had already done some of the activities before we started the topic, in order to prepare myself for it, and some activities we did in class on Friday, so I shouldn’t have a huge amount to do tomorrow.

In terms of revision, I’ve done nothing at all today which is a loss we can’t afford to have at this stage. I almost finished a C4 paper during my college frees today though, which is good. She never ended up sending the papers she wanted done as homework for Wednesday so I assume she’ll just increase the workload for over Easter. I really need to get back on the grind with maths as I feel like I’ve neglected it quite a lot recently. With us in the middle of doing Statistics, I think I’ve forgotten some of the key concepts of C4, which is a risky consequence. Maybe making very brief notes on the basics would help at some point.

I still need to collate past paper questions packs for biology and maybe chemistry too before we break up for Easter so I need to spend a good hour or so doing that. I am hoping to get that done before Thursday so I can print it all out in college on Thursday, the day we break up.

In other news, I have just finalised my outfit for tomorrow, which was an arduous task but honestly, dressing appropriate is often the most stressful part of going anywhere. I went with casual formal, something a bit chic but a bit street too! Funny story actually, I used to want to be a fashion designer when I was little but became resigned to my fate in the medical field a while ago because I draw terribly.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Do a practice C2 paper
– Complete my biology task sheet
– Make biology past paper packs with exam questions from lots of exam boards

That’s all I have time for today, hope you all have a nice day. I will tell you all about my University event tomorrow!

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