Hello everybody, hope your day has been good and successful today!

I have actually been extremely unproductive today and I’ve just about scraped the bare minimum I intended to do today. I finished my chapter questions for tomorrow’s French lesson after college and then I kind of, maybe, accidentally, had an unreasonably long nap. I’m not sure why, as I had a late start anyways this morning but my bed just called to me so sweetly and I had to reply. Since I woke up I managed to collate a range of past papers on topics from component 2 of our biology exam from different exam boards which was surprisingly a more difficult task than I imagined it to be. I did manage to find quite a lot of questions though and if I need anymore I will just print them out over Easter.

I haven’t done anything else unfortunately, as I’ve just not been feeling it today. I’m feeling a little resigned from the workload and I feel like I am neglecting every subject in favour of each other and not making significant progress on anything. My mother mentioned to me yesterday what a mistake I had made by choosing to do 4 subjects and the EPQ on top and I have to give it to her, she’s right, but in reality everything is clearer in hindsight. I am feeling like I overestimated myself and now I’m sad and slow at getting started and finding it difficult to do well.

Although I hope this is just a temporary feeling and my desire to work is rejuvenated very soon. It both does and doesn’t help that I’m going on a week long holiday on Friday, where I really won’t get much done in terms of revision and college work.

Also my chemistry teacher sent us an email today with all the homework for over Easter and I actually want to rip my hair out! It’s a full page of instructions to do a variety of questions from the textbook but he might as well have just set us the whole textbook! Finish the summary questions! Answer all the practice questions at the end of each chapter! Memorise the textbook! Rewrite it all out again! Find a publisher and republish the textbook under your name!

I am infuriated, if you can’t already tell.

Things seem to be going a little bit downhill on the college front for me, so a long break will do me some good. I know after we come back from Easter it’s only 5 weeks until half term and exams etc., but the prospect of leaving college and never having to go back is more tempting than my desire to avoid exams.

While I will do all I can to postpone internal class exams, with external, official ones, I am often eager to get them over with and want them to come quicker. The ubiquitous fear of exam that seems to linger around students is absolutely understandable but not always something I can relate to because I would rather be free of the cuffs of college once and for all.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Print all my biology past paper questions
– Do some maths past papers in my frees
– Make flashcards of the organic reactions when I come home

I also need to pack my bags tomorrow! For some reason it doesn’t feel like I’m going on holiday in two days at all, but I know I’ll be excited once we’re on our way. I have put the DSLR camera on charge because I want to use that for pictures and I’ve heard that Istanbul is so beautiful too, so I’m excited to take some pictures.

I will sign off here for today as it’s 2am now and I can’t believe I’m still so wide awake. I blame that nap I had, because normally I’d be melting in a sleep puddle at this time. I am heading to bed, wishing you all a lovely day tomorrow!

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