Good night/morning/afternoon/evening, sorry, I have no clue what time zone you’re in. Here, as always, it is 1am and I am actually wide awake. Maybe it was that long nap I had after college today, but I’m feeling like I could stay up all night!

So college is finally over for the Easter holidays. Two weeks of pure, unadulterated holidays. I am looking forward to my brief stint in Istanbul for the next week but equally I am very worried about the time I will have left when I come back. While I do intend on taking some work to do with me when I’m there, I know it’s got to be all hands on deck as soon as I’m back. Not just revision, but homework too, I need to finish everything and prepare myself as well as possible for the upcoming mocks.

With 3 weeks until mocks begin (and biology and chemistry both being on Monday!) now is the time to manage my remaining time and utilise every moment possible to be productive. I return from my holiday very early in the morning next Friday so I’ve allocated my whole day on Friday to completing at least my chemistry homework, of which there is a huge amount. I am really hoping to get this done quite quickly though and will hopefully be able to do at least part of my biology homework, if not all.

That weekend my goal is to churn out all the homework I have so the second week of the holidays can be spent focusing solely on revision.

I am hoping to do quite a few of the eight maths papers she’s set as homework during my trip to Istanbul because the papers are easily accessible via iBooks and getting them done will be one less thing to worry about when I come home. Also, I want to take my biology revision flashcards with me so I can keep going over them and hopefully not have to do any major revision when I come back and get straight down to past paper questions. It really helps that I’ve finished all my notes for component 2 as well because it really is just a matter of learning and practising now.

I printed off a huge amount of biology past paper questions today, which is good because I now have a great repertoire of questions to refer to. I just hope I can allocate a good chunk of time to doing them all because that’s the only issue now. I have put all the measures in place to allow myself to do as well as possible, now it’s just up to me to really take things seriously as soon as I get back.

I’m hoping, once I come back, I can do full revision days everyday, spending 6-8 hours doing solid work and revision. The truth is, while the workload does seem really heavy right now, I think if I put my mind to it for a solid amount of time and put my phone far away, only working on what I have to, I know it’s doable. Also, I’m really praying jet lag doesn’t affect me too much and my sleeping pattern sorts itself out afterwards because I can’t be dealing with 4am bedtimes and 2pm wake-ups, regardless of the fact that it’s the holidays. Sleep is always a big issue in my life and we will have to see how things pan out over the next few days.

On an unrelated note, I’m really excited for my holiday and I hope I don’t stress myself out too much because in reality, I would have wasted a similar amount of time anyways, as we all know I have zero discipline in the holidays. Maybe my limited time for revision is actually the boost I need in order to get things in order and take things seriously.

Also, as I will not really be doing a lot of work over the next week and I’ll be abroad, I don’t think I will be blogging during my trip. I will be sure to update you all on everything we did and what we saw afterwards and that may have to be a whole post in itself.

I guess this is goodbye for a week or so, I hope you all stay safe, enjoy your Easter and spend some time resting as well as working hard. That’s all from me, I will be back very soon!

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