She’s back, she’s back! Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a lovely week and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend!

My holiday was really lovely actually, Istanbul felt like a different world altogether and it was such a euphoric experience. I feel like I will only be remembering it with fond memories and that hazy glow, like old photographs in sepia.

Regardless, I am back and ready to get back into the swing of things. Today was really unproductive because I planned on getting all my chemistry homework done but I barely made a dent in it. That’s alright though, because my set-in-stone goal is to have all my homework completed before Monday so whether I space that out like a normal person so I’m not stressed on Sunday night or I do have to stay up late into the night on Sunday to finish everything, it will all have to be completed. I do have a lot of French homework in particular, which I will tackle as soon as I finish my chemistry tomorrow. In terms of maths homework, I am not as stressed about that because it is just completing past papers and that is revision in itself so as long as I can do them regularly, I should be okay. I got about one and a half papers completed while I was on holiday so you can clearly see my lack of discipline.

I don’t think I’ll be going to the library tomorrow because I still have a bit of jet lag and I need to make sure I rest up before this next week where I intend to be doing revision all day, but next week I will hopefully be out all week. I actually read an interesting piece of information today which was about how important it is to go public (e.g. a library or a cafe) if you want to get work done with a whole list of solid points behind it. It made sense to me, especially the idea of the fact that you feel more accountable to do something useful when other people may be watching you.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish the rest of my chemistry homework
– Do the biology task sheet set as homework
– Get as far as I can with my French homework

I’m not sure if I mentioned in my last blog post, but I have comprised a master list of homework set over this holiday period and I am ticking it off as I go. This weekend should hopefully clear up the rest of my week to do some solid revision. Fortunately we will still have a week of college before the mocks start and I know time is of the essence now.

I am super tired so I’ll have to go now and get some beauty sleep, but I hope to be back tomorrow with good news of productivity. Thanks for tuning in!

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