Hello all!

Of course I didn’t finish all my homework today, what more did you expect from this unmotivated student?! It was due to a mixture of laziness and having so much to do that I decided on simply postponing it to tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I have been working quite intensely all day to finish my biology homework and I’ve done quite a bit of French as well, but it just does not end.

I am heading to the library bright and early tomorrow morning where my main focus will be completing my French homework and doing French revision for the speaking exam. My backup plan in case I get bored of French will be to finish that maths paper I started when I was on holiday and maybe do a C4 paper if I have time. I do intend on spending the whole day there so hopefully I will be able to get quite a lot done.

This next week I will hopefully be doing full revision days and scheduling it similarly to my normal college timings which is revolutionary for me -a person who enjoys sleeping- but desperate times call for desperate measures.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish my French homework as soon as possible
– Start French revision by going through previous topics, listing key vocab and adding cultural knowledge alongside each topic
– Maybe do a maths paper or two

Seeing as I have quite a bit of maths left to do, I think I will keep maths as my focus after I come home tomorrow and just work on completing a few papers. Certain topics in C4, like integration will actually require a bit more work and I think for those I will use the textbook to practice. I’ve always been a bit shaky on integration so I will have to brush up on that, especially before the mock.

My day today was actually really nice and relaxed. I spent a frustrating amount of time in bed which was bad but it felt so good to be detached for an extended period of time and just have fun, since I was with my little brother and we were talking about all sorts of things. I think finding the right balance between work and play is so difficult because as much as you want to achieve all the best grades, there’s a significant part of you that is convinced grades are a wholly useless method of determining intelligence and standardised testing is pointless. I got 99 problems and exams make up like 80 of them, clearly.

I must go now, I guess, and catch a few hours of shut-eye before we’re back up and on the grind. Tiredness is consuming me completely today, even though I slept in quite a bit this morning and I have lazed around for most of the day.

I will speak to you all tomorrow, wishing everyone a productive and good start to the week!

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