Good day to you all! I am hoping things have been going well for you and life is looking up!

I went off to the library again today and did some biology revision and a bit of maths work too. With biology, I managed to get a substantial amount of comprehending and understanding done which was essential and I also did some past paper questions from varying exam boards for the topics in component 2. Never mind the fact that a lot of them were a bit obsolete and about topics that are unlikely to come up, as I know exposing myself to as many scenarios as possible is a good way forward.

Nevertheless, the road to truly acing biology, especially component 2, looks like a long and twisted one. A treacherous journey that I have no choice but to embark on now. At least I know where I stand now with it though, and I have an idea of which topics are harder (sexual reproduction in humans and plants, I’m looking at you!) so I can focus on them.

I am still not doing enough when I get home though. Tomorrow we will definitely have to change this as I can’t afford to waste so much time either napping or just lying around in bed. Equally, however, I feel like I am not truly relaxed at any point. The stress of looming exams seems to never end.

We will power through, however. I am running on surprisingly little sleep by my standards so I need to start sleeping earlier. I am routinely getting up at about half 8 (and by routinely I mean I have done for the past two days) and manage to squeeze in a half hour nap when I come home. It’s been such a long time since I just wasted my time a little bit and watched Youtube videos or read a book.

My thoughts feel a little all over the place today so my apologies for this garbled message- I am clearly tired!

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Make notes on organic chemistry Year 2
– Do a few F324 past papers, time permitting
– Complete a C4 past paper when I come home

I wish I had something more exciting to talk about but it truly is a monotonous grind these days. I keep forgetting it’s Easter and whenever I see people posting on social media about what they’re up to, I get so confused wondering why they’re going clubbing midweek. So tomorrow will probably be one of the few remaining times I have to get a lot of solid revision done back to back seeing as I’m volunteering on Thursday morning and then college starts again on Monday, so we need to make it count.

I will be back tomorrow, thanks for tuning in!

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