Hi guys! I hope your day has been good and productive!

Mine wasn’t too bad actually because I did a lot but it all felt a bit pointless in all honesty. I went to the library for a solid 6 hours in which I completed all my French homework and did some speaking revision but not in the way I wanted. I only managed to do the example speaking cards she gave us and didn’t even start on combing through the topics we’ve done previously to collate vocab lists and cultural knowledge. You would not believe the sheer volume of homework it was as the little pieces she set here and there really added up.

Regardless, at least that’s out of the way now and I can focus on memorising my IRP and perfecting my answers to that. I intend to take a significant break from French for a while now, at least until Thursday because honestly, I am tired of it. I think now that the homework is done revision can be a little bit more flexible in terms of doing what I want to do, but still.

I am going back to the library tomorrow for hopefully some more solid revision because I seem to get work done a lot quicker there, even though I had a friend accompanying me today.

I think tomorrow I want to tackle biology and chemistry and maybe complete the C2 paper I’ve started and do the other one set for homework too. The C2 papers are actually surprisingly quick now because the content feels so much easier than what we’ve been covering in class recently, so I don’t think that will take too much time. I intend on doing that at the end though, because I want to get the bulk of my content revision done tomorrow, in particular for the topics on the mock. That means going over all of component 2 for biology and organic chemistry for chemistry. On second thoughts however, I think I need to write out fresh notes on all the organic chemistry from Year 2 to go alongside my Year 1 notes so maybe that’s a job for Wednesday. I think tomorrow I will try to keep it simple and only do biology and maths. I printed out a lot of biology past paper questions before we broke up for Easter and tomorrow seems like a great time to start on all of them.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Understand, comprehend and believe in the content for component 2 in biology
– Complete some past paper questions on the topics
– Properly revise Year 1 Chemistry notes
– Complete the C2 paper already started
– Do the next C2 paper

Hopefully tomorrow is a good, productive day and revision of the content goes smoothly! I am honestly feeling a little bit worried about the state of my revision and the progress I’ve made but equally, I have finally started putting the work in. Tomorrow will be the real dawning of just how confident I am with the component 2 content for biology because biology will definitely be one of the hardest exams. With chemistry I feel like the more past papers you do, the better you’ll do in the exam as all the questions are so similar and don’t beat around the bush. I am dead set on doing a huge amount of chemistry revision and questions because I am confident that chemistry requires just hard work which I am willing to make time for.

After I come back, I will maybe get started on the C4 papers for maths or maybe have a look at starting the chemistry notes for Year 2, I am still undecided as of yet. That will be after a slick little nap of course, as I truly cannot function on 5 hours of sleep during the holidays, that’s torture.

That’s all for today, I am hoping tomorrow is a good day for both you and me!

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