Hi everyone!

Today has been quite the productive day for me because I had a set of targeted tasks to do. Not only did I make revision notes on Module 6 for chemistry (excluding the spectroscopy stuff which isn’t supposed to be on the mock and we haven’t been officially taught it yet), but I also did 1 and a half past papers for organic chemistry. Despite it not sounding like a lot, they were actually really good papers that tested a wide range of knowledge though it was only on organic chemistry from this year so I will need to have a look at some of last years stuff too.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but chemistry this year, even though I strongly dislike the lessons this year, I feel like I’ve been enjoying the content more. Right from the start of the year, I just felt like I was understanding things (eventually) and managing to answer questions on them quite well. Honestly I’m really hoping for a good grade in chemistry because it’s just hard work and past paper questions, and I’m sure that the time I put in will bear fruits on results day.

Other than that, when I came home I tied up the loose ends on all my C2 and C3 maths past papers and started a C4 one, which I’m halfway through. These are all due in on Monday and after finishing this one paper, I have two more C4 papers left. Although I do need to mark and correct all of them officially, I have gone back after most papers and checked the answers, particularly on questions I found hard, so I know I’ve not done too atrociously.

My plans for tomorrow actually involve a lot more socialising than I’m used to, for once! I am volunteering in the morning with the charity organisation I always do it with, but tomorrow is a special course for volunteers to learn basic first aid. I hope it goes quickly and I learn something useful. Then, later on in the evening I’m taking some friends out for dinner, which should be nice! I know I’m going to have to work extremely hard during the time I’m available though, because knowing me I will procrastinate to the point where I’ll do nothing in the few hours I have in between and after my events.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish the C4 paper I’m doing right now
– Complete another C4 paper
– Work a bit more on my chemistry past papers or biology, depending on how I’m feeling

I know I should switch my focus to biology now but the reality is, problem solving in chemistry to figure out organic compounds and synthesis is such a satisfying thing to do and when compared with biology, where you could write the right answer on the answer line and still lose all the marks for not including specific words, I feel like my choice is clear. It’s just a little disappointing repeatedly getting things wrong, but I know that you have to make a lot of mistakes to correct them.

This was the mistake I made for the UKCAT and the BMAT, because I simply didn’t do enough on the things I found difficult. Being someone who was able to figure things out most of the time, when I came across questions on the aptitude tests that were difficult, I was left with a little bit of fright and embarrassment. How could I get this wrong? Surely people were getting this right? This was another one of my huge mistakes: constantly comparing myself to others. In a bid to make myself feel better I did few questions, thinking if you don’t do them you can’t get them wrong!

I am silly. Extremely silly. Making mistakes is still not something I feel wholly comfortable admitting to but without getting things wrong there is no way forward. This is an aspect of my personality I’m really working on improving because I think I have built myself a little box in which I sit, content with things, and I need to step out of my box to get things done.

This makes me think I need to do a post on the UKCAT and BMAT. Actually, if anyone’s interested, I may be considering doing a series on applying for medicine at university. Please let me know if that’s something you might be interested in as I’m eager to reflect on my journey and hopefully advise others as well as I can.

That’s all from me today, guys, it’s late and I must sleep soon. Thank you all for reading!

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