Hello everyone! Hope your day has been good!

I have been so unbelievably unproductive today, you would not think I have exams in a few weeks. I am truly ashamed, but we can’t dwell on it too long and must strive to do better tomorrow.

I went volunteering tomorrow, on that first aid course I mentioned yesterday, which was very exciting because although I knew the procedure to deal with someone unresponsive and non breathing, I’ve never actually had the chance to do chest compressions before. We practised on the dummy the lady brought in and it was quite good. We also learnt how to respond to people who are choking, which was also interesting.

When I came home from that, I had a very long nap, I’m embarrassed to admit, and then I went out to dinner with some friends who I had promised a long time ago, even though I was so tempted to cancel due to not feeling up to going out with the academic load on me at the minute. I only really went because I thought if I get it over with then I won’t have to do it again for a while.

I know it sounds so bad, but at this stage, I feel like I’m really coasting through my whole life, doing things for the sake of other people and not because it’s something I want to do. Maybe it’s just exam stress, but I’ve been wanting to retreat back into solitude for a long time and be alone. I feel so unmotivated (blog name reference!) and frustrated at the minute because even when I have time to do revision, I procrastinate so much and don’t do it until the last minute.

Despite all that, however, I have to remind myself that compared to other people, I’m really not on the short end of the stick right now. I have a lot of my notes done for almost everything (for my science subjects) and all I can do now with respect to a lot of topics is past paper questions. I know I haven’t started my component 1 notes for biology yet though, and that’s going to be a killer for sure, so I think I will get started on them very soon. I was intending to get them done over Easter but I’ve been so focused on preparing for the upcoming mocks, I’ve just not done them yet.

I did finish the C4 paper I started yesterday but I didn’t get another one done. Tomorrow is going to be a maths-centred day because I need some major work on Core 4! Especially things like integration, I need to do a lot more practice on, so I will do all that tomorrow, as well as completing the remaining two past papers that were set for hoemwork. I’m cutting it close to the wire with this maths homework because I haven’t officially marked or corrected a single paper I’ve done, but that won’t take too long hopefully.

I don’t think I’ll plan on doing much else tomorrow besides maths, but if I do have some time tomorrow evening, I will get started on component 1 biology notes.

My study goals for tomorrow (listed in a nice format as opposed to in convoluted sentences):
– Go over all the topics in C4 and practise questions from the textbook on the difficult topics
– Complete the remaining past papers for C4
– Mark and correct all the papers I’ve done
– If I have the time then start component 1 notes for biology

I don’t think I’m going to the library tomorrow because I need a little bit of a lie in for once, but I am extremely determined to get proper work done at home. I hope that is not wishful thinking and is an achievable goal!

So that’s all from me for today, I shall be back tomorrow! Wishing you all a good, productive day!

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