How bittersweet it is to see you again, 2am. I’m just being dramatic actually, I always end up sleeping around this time anyways.

Well guys, today was highly unproductive. I have basically finished all the maths past papers set for homework but I haven’t marked or corrected any and I realised I also have statistics homework due in on Monday too, which I will need to do tomorrow.

That’s all I’ve done today, nothing more. Which is very frightening because I absolutely need to memorise my French IRP for Monday’s lesson. I mean, I know most of it but it’s still really rusty right now and not in the state where I’d be able to speak about it with an examiner in approximately 2 WEEKS! My goodness, I did not realise how close the speaking dates were!

Okay so all of a sudden my priorities have changed. Tomorrow I was intending to do a few past papers for biology and chemistry as well as my maths homework, but French needs a lot more urgent work.

My study goals for tomorrow, therefore, are:
– Do the maths homework
– Go over my IRP and memorise it
– Make some serious revision sheets on the French topics from last year

I really wasn’t in the mood to go to the library tomorrow but after my realisation of how close the French speaking exam is, I don’t think I can afford to waste another day at home. My mum was also strongly suggesting that I go and get some solid work done. I think I’ll head there a little later tomorrow though, so I can get some sleep tonight. I mean, I did sleep in this morning but I am so incredibly tired still. It honestly doesn’t even feel like it’s been a vacation.

Though my holiday to Turkey was a wonderful experience, it sure shortened my Easter down to an unbearable amount of days.

So I think I’ll focus on French at the library tomorrow and then do my maths homework when I come home, or maybe just do some maths when I start getting bored of French. I am feeling slightly more motivated to go to the library now, but I know I will be regretting my decision in the morning. Regardless, a little bit of short term discomfort for long term freedom is worth it, I say.

I will head to bed now and catch up on some much needed sleep. Thanks for reading everyone!

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