Hi everyone! It’s officially the last day of the Easter holidays 2018, which is a declaration that could bring me to tears if you caught me at a particularly bad time.

My day today was very much just at my desk, tying up loose ends with homework, finally marking those 8 past papers I did for maths, which taught me that it’s significantly better to mark a paper straight after doing it because I had forgotten half the questions I found difficult and picking it up somewhere in the middle took a lot of brain power. I know I planned on doing three extra French speaking revision sheets but I only got one done, as I had absolutely zero time after I’d finished everything.

I also forgot I had French speaking homework which I did early this morning but then I realised we won’t even have French speaking tomorrow as they’re holding speaking mocks this week. Mine is on Thursday fortunately, but I am still absolutely clueless about my IRP, especially because I honest to God just changed it up a bit more 20 minutes ago and cut some content out due to it being over 2 minutes. I am really cutting this close and I don’t know what I’m going to do, especially as mock week is next week too.

On Tuesday I would normally only have 2 hours free during the college day but as my science double lessons got cancelled on that day, I am now only in lesson from 8:40 to 10:25 which is amazing because I can spend the rest of the day revising in college. I am going to take Tuesday to focus on biology and chemistry to really get myself ready for the mocks, which are both on the following Monday.

Tomorrow, I intend to go in at normal time so I should have 2 hours free before my maths lesson and then another hour free after that. My main focus for the first 2 hours will be French seeing as I need to prepare a bit better for my IRP but after that I think I will tackle some maths, particularly some of the harder C3 and C4 topics.

My goals for tomorrow are:
– Memorise my IRP completely
– Make some more notes on the topics that I will cover during my IRP
– Go through the online textbook for C3 and C4 and try review exercises for the harder topics
– Print out the population questions for biology and do 2 sets of them
– Make more component 1 notes
– When I come home I’d like to go over my flashcards for biology component 2 again in detail
– Maybe do a little bit of French homework for Thursday

As you can see, a very extensive list for tomorrow, but I’m hoping that being back in college will kick me into gear so I can get down to spending every minute productively. I am trying to overcome my slightly childish desire to never go back to college but equally, I acknowledge the fact that I dislike college and it will be a relief to get out eventually.

I don’t have much more to share, besides the fact that it’s 1am and I should probably head off now to get some sleep! I honestly dream of a time where I have a decent sleeping schedule and wake up feeling refreshed and excited to get out there.

Okay guys, hope you’re doing well, thriving and hustling hard to make those things happen. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, keep yourself healthy and make moves to achieve your goals. You do you, go chase your dreams honey, and I will try to do the same. Goodbye, wishing you a successful start to the week!

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