Time really escapes me these days, it’s already 12am! It feels like it could be maybe 10 in the evening.

So today was the first day of college being back after the Easter break, which I was really not looking forward to but I guess it’s here and it’s over and soon enough college will be over in its entirety so I shouldn’t really complain.

My day was quite uneventful and not as productive as I was hoping it to be because I was just so tired all day. We had a surprise test in maths, which I would have been upset about, had it not been a compilation of some of the more difficult questions from the past papers we were set as homework. If anything, I thought that was quite a clever way of figuring out who had or hadn’t done the homework to a good standard, so I was quite impressed. I also didn’t feel too bad about it, seeing as I really combed through all those papers and mark schemes to figure out where I was going wrong, so hopefully I will have done fine on it.

My other lessons were uneventful but French has been taking up so much of my time recently and I am really quite stressed about the speaking exam. My mock is on Thursday, though, so I am hoping that it is a constructive and useful session, despite her not being able to provide any feedback on the IRP presentation.

Tomorrow two of my lessons are cancelled, as I mentioned yesterday, so I’m extremely glad to be able to spend pretty much the whole day revising. I am focusing on biology and chemistry tomorrow, in particular, the topics that will be coming up on the mocks. I also had a look at my mock timetable which has biology and chemistry on Monday, maths on Tuesday and French on Wednesday, so I’m happy that I’ll be finished midweek and have the rest of the week for revision and speaking exam preparation. I think I will be spending a solid amount of that week working on the discussion cards for the French speaking as they can be quite difficult and speaking French spontaneously is difficult anyways.

I did a little bit of maths revision in my frees today but not a huge amount. I think I need to spend more time doing past papers and I’m maybe considering doing a past paper a day until the mock at least. The only thing with that, however, is that I feel like I’m not spending enough time on my other subjects, especially as it’s harder to find questions/ papers for some of them. I will have to see how I go, but as of right now, I am unsure about the amount of revision I’m doing on each subject.

Tomorrow my study goals are to:
– Work through biology topic questions on Component 2 topics
– Do a few old spec past papers
– Complete the remaining chemistry past papers
– Make extra notes on specific areas that I’m struggling with
– Print out 2 sets of Population questions for biology and complete them
– Start on Component 1 notes for biology

I will have from around half 10 tomorrow to do whatever I need to and I intend to stay in the library as long as I can, and complete everything I need to. Hopefully I can stay for a decently long time and get the main bulk of chemistry and biology revision done tomorrow. I think when I come home tomorrow and on Wednesday I will really have to start focusing on my French speaking mock.

The workload of 4 subjects is really getting to me now and I often find myself fantasising about a dimension in which I didn’t choose French as an A-Level, but I am such a huge fan of learning languages and I’m sure it will be worth it. Just getting through this short term hardship feels so tedious right now.

I am sure I will be fine though. I am too motivated by my fear!

Well, I will head off to sleep now. Wishing you a good, productive day tomorrow and hope all you complete everything you need to!

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