Hello everyone! My desk is finally clean and I’ve never felt lighter! Well not technically totally clean yet but I cleared out four drawers and everything on my desk can be dumped into those and I can finally have some space to work again!

It’s funny isn’t it, the more things you incorporate to try and organise the mess, the more mess you make. Before I had a desk, I had neat piles of work for every subject lined up along a wall on the carpet of my bedroom floor. Now I have so much organisation space and too much work to put away. It’s undeniable that I have an emotional attachment to absolute rubbish for the sake of memories, but it’s just led to me having storage issues. I’m working on this part of myself, though, and I know it’s a serious problem that could get so much worse if I don’t do anything about it.

Anyways, today was an alright day. I had my French speaking mock, which actually didn’t go too badly! I stumbled a bit on my IRP though and missed a tiny bit off and it led to my presentation being exactly 2 minutes, which was the goal, so she said to not change anything. The speaking card I got was based on homosexual marriage in France which was something I actually revised in some detail, so I think I did alright in that. Slipped in my statistics and complex phrases, so hopefully I can top that in the real exam, which is in 2 weeks today (!)

I worked on some chemistry past paper questions for the rest of my frees in college and when I came home I made a revision sheet on hormones during the menstrual cycle for biology. The hormones always lead to complicated questions as they can introduce all sorts of graphs and tables asking for details. Even basic recall of biological knowledge from component 2 can actually be quite difficult, so I really needed to fix that up. I also watched a video on the placenta before I snapped and had to have a nap. I’ve not had nearly enough sleep this week and I am going to hate staying up tonight when I wake up for my 8:40 lesson tomorrow morning.

However, I am planning on staying after college tomorrow until 4:00 because my lesson finishes at 1:20 so I’m going to spend the time revising as effectively as possible. I’m going to focus on biology past paper questions tomorrow and hopefully attempt some of the old specification papers I’ve printed. I may print out some F322 chemistry papers too if I remember so I can recap last year’s organic chemistry too.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Work through biology past paper questions in college
– Do themed past paper packs on late topics of Module 6 for chemistry
– Practise F322 papers
– Do a C3 and C4 past paper

If I can’t get both C3 and C4 done tomorrow then I’ll complete that and more on Saturday.

I just remembered I need to print a booklet for biology tomorrow so I can have some notes to follow the lesson with, so I’ll sign off for today. Hope things are going well with you and you’re getting the sleep you need, because my eyes feel so heavy right now and I am ready to crawl into bed at the next possible opportunity.

I will speak to you all tomorrow!

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