Hello everybody!

I spent most of my day today at Central Library which was nice because I managed to get equal amounts of chemistry and biology done. However, I fear the exam on Monday, especially biology, will have more synoptic links than I’m counting on so I really need to do a bit of revision of the other content we’ve covered over the course too. I’m so glad I have such a solid set of notes for everything I’ve done in biology because it makes going back to find specific information so quick now!

I still need to do a bit more work and hopefully I can continue doing past paper questions tomorrow, to cram as much last minute information as possible into my head before the exam. I was surprisingly calm today at the library as things seemed to be going swimmingly but I definitely need to do more biology past papers. The questions just seem too easy and I know they won’t be so simple in the real exam. Chemistry, on the other hand, isn’t going too badly. It’s just certain synthesis questions that require you to come up with various processes to get to certain molecules that I’m bad at. Normally if there’s even a small amount of helpful info in the rubric of the question, I’m not too bad at figuring stuff out.

I think I just need to remind myself that these are only mocks and it’s not the end of the world if I don’t do as well as I want on them. My dad even said today that I need to avoid stressing as much as possible and he said that I’ve been preparing for so long, there’s no point stressing. He’s right too, I’ve covered everything I need to cover and it’s just a case of what the questions are like on the day of the exam.

In other news, the weather has been so beautiful these past few days and I think it’s supposed to get bad again over the next few weeks but I don’t want it to. It just makes me so reminiscent of summer and reminds me of all the lovely memories I have from summer. I am unbelievably excited for this summer too, and within two months all my exams will be over so the fun can really begin. It feels so soon and so far away at the same time. We have a good few weeks before the real exams begin though and I only have my C2 resit before the half term, so the rest will be in June.

I didn’t get a C4 paper done today unfortunately, which I will aim to do tomorrow, hopefully early in the day because I know I will be worried about my imminent exams for the rest of the day.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– C4 paper
– Continue biology past paper questions
– Continue chemistry past paper questions

I will have a little bit of time after the biology exam on Monday so I can do more revision for chemistry then too, but the bulk of my revision is done already.

In other news I’m really enjoying Drake’s new song Nice for What. I watched the video when it first came out and I thought it was great but I must have been a bit distracted by it because I didn’t really focus on the song too much. It’s such a bop though! I’m loving it.

We also went for dessert this evening, which was such a nice break, especially because we left at half 10 in the evening and it was still about 19 degrees Celsius! That is what dreams are made of, my friends! 19 degrees at 11pm? Crazy!

I am going to go to sleep now because I am so tired and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. We got back super late from when we went out and I wanted to go over all my biology Component 2 notes again once before I slept.

I will speak to you all tomorrow hopefully, thanks for reading!

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