Hi guys! I’m really sorry, I can barely write at all tonight because it’s past 1am and I really need to get to bed but let me summarise my two mocks today in one word for you: atrocious!

They went so badly, I feel like even with revision I was so unprepared, especially chemistry, because I know I could have done more on that and done better as a result. I am so frustrated, but I’m trying to move past it and forget it. Fortunately, these were only mocks and at least I know I have so much work left to do on them.

I’ve done two full maths past papers tonight, full of hard questions so my head is buzzing with too many numbers and I feel like I’m even more worried about maths now. Hopefully things will go well regardless though, and it turns out I have another French speaking mock tomorrow morning, which is just more stress on top of everything else! I will have to read over my notes for that tomorrow but I’ve done nothing tonight. In all honesty I’m not really that bothered about French at the minute, even though my official speaking exam is in just over a week!

I am a mess, clearly.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Work on some maths past paper questions until the exam
– Recap all the French topics when I come home and maybe do a past paper for French too

I am going to go to bed now, I hope your week was off to a good start today!

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