Hi everyone! My day has really been the most eclectic, emotional mess.

I had my maths mock this afternoon and I think it went so terribly, I just don’t know how I could have done so badly! Even the stuff that should have been easy, I couldn’t figure out in the exam and I felt so terrible after it that I came home and spent most of my evening in bed. Which means I am not even remotely prepared for French but I’ve had a look through vocab from all the topics and seen a few translations, so hopefully I’ll be fine. My only thought with French is just to wing it, because I feel so strongly that a language is something innate and obviously it’s something you hone and practise, but not necessarily a subject you need to know a lot of facts for. Not for this exam anyways! It’s reading, listening and translation and the one I’m most worried about is listening, seeing as I am so hard of hearing anyways!

Anyways, I feel really quite disappointed with my mocks this time and so far, I’ve just felt beaten down at every opportunity I’ve gotten. I am going to work so hard for my C2 resit mock on Friday because I went to do well in at least one part of maths.

So I’ve been a bit weird this evening. I’ve found that when everything in my life is going a bit downhill, I have a tendency to laugh a lot about very tiny things. I’m not sure why, but everything is so much funnier when I’m a mess. I mean, it’s nice to find humorous aspects of everything, but my family is getting a little bit worried about me I think.

I don’t really have much more to say. I am going to go to sleep soon and hopefully after my French mock tomorrow I can stay in college for a little bit and do some C2 revision. I know if I come home early then I’m just going to end up asleep for hours and I can’t afford to waste any time now.

I am going to start work on my component 1 notes tomorrow too for biology, seeing as that’s going to be the first biology exam, and it definitely includes some of the most difficult topics, like respiration and photosynthesis.

My study goals for tomorrow, therefore, are:
– Go over some C2 past paper questions and identify weak areas
– Start component 1 notes for biology
– Hopefully go over some chemistry notes from Module 5 too

On Thursday I intend to focus mainly on C2 just so I can get as much done for the mock.

That’s it from me for tonight guys, hope you have been keeping well, staying healthy, drinking water. I tell you what, though, I have been relying on chocolate and sweet things to get me through these exams so badly. Before every exam I try and bring my energy up with a chocolate bar or a piece of fruit or some juice. My parents are firm in their suggestion that something sweet does wonders for energy levels and it’s certainly not something I want to argue with!

Speak to you all tomorrow.


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