Hello everyone! Hope things are going well for you guys and you’re getting everything done that you need to.

I had my French mock today which was actually alright. I mean, there were some parts that were difficult and I’m not sure if my answers covered everything I knew about the text but I felt like I understood almost all of it. I am so glad to finally have a mock after which I can express that it went decently, because I feel like this whole week has just been me panicking about every exam I’ve done.

So I came home and relaxed a little bit. Honestly I procrastinated way too much today. I did get through about half of C2 for my mock on Friday but I have so much more to do and also I need to look over some of the more difficult topics. I feel like I’m taking C2 a little too lightly but I am determined to do topic questions on each topic and then do a few past papers tomorrow. I wanted to do some of the harder Solomon papers as well but I think I’ll be a little pressed for time in all honesty, because I want to make a dent in my biology component 1 notes too, which I started today. I’m heading to Central Library tomorrow though, which should be useful because I just need to spend the whole day working. I’m going a little bit later than usual because I’d rather stay till the evening without getting hungry or tired.

So my study goals for tomorrow are:
– Complete C2 topic questions
– Complete a few C2 past papers
– Mark each paper immediately after completing it
– Focus on harder questions for topics I keep getting wrong
– Make some more biology notes

So my priority tomorrow is definitely going to be maths but I think I will spend a few hours doing some biology notes too because I can’t afford to drop everything and revise for one mock exam. I also need to get some more work done on my French speaking, because the exam is coming up really soon now (a week tomorrow!)

To tell you the truth, I’m really such a fan of French and French speaking especially, because I really enjoy learning languages. I know I harp on about it constantly but it’s something I’m so passionate about! I dream about the day I move to Canada, carrying out all my childhood dreams of being a doctor, living my best life day in, day out. It sounds a bit silly because I know reality is often so far removed from dreams that it’s almost laughable to dream altogether but the vision keeps me going.

I have big plans for summer and I’ve been thinking about them a lot recently because I want something to look forward to and I need a reward to remind myself of whenever exam stress gets a little too much. In terms of my physical life, I really want to do some travelling and socialising, and as for my digital impact, I really want to take this blog to the next level. My brother asked me yesterday how everyone else’s blogs are so good and mine is so basic. It’s just that I don’t want to spend so much time on something that had the original purpose of streamlining my productivity and making me procrastinate less.

Aiming to exert all my efforts into my exams for the next two months and I am hopeful that the summer will be a good one.

Thank you all for reading, wishing you a successful day everyday!

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