Hello everyone! Today has been a very unproductive day to say the least.

I was able to wake up super late because my maths mock started at 2:40pm anyways and I didn’t want to wake up unnecessarily early and stress myself out more. I still got to college early though and revised for a little while before the exam. The exam itself was actually alright I thought, so I’m hoping for the best for that. I’m happy that that’s finally off my shoulders too now, but it is Friday now and the week is over. 5 mocks are finally finished! I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but the emotional toll they’ve taken on me, you have no idea!

I didn’t end up going out with my friend like we had originally planned, but really I wasted a lot of time anyways. I was supposed to get a lot of biology component 1 notes done but obviously I didn’t I’ve just about finished the Krebs Cycle but I don’t remember respiration very well so I think tomorrow I’ll have a look at some videos and try to make some useful, summarising diagrams.

Diagrams are actually something I’m trying to focus on, especially with biology, because they form such a big part of exams but they’re also so useful for revision. I think I’ll have to try a bunch of different revision techniques out involving diagrams and I’ll report back to you all when I do.

I’m planning on heading to the library tomorrow which should be nice and peaceful. My main focus will be biology component 1 notes, and then French for the second half of the day. I always try to do two subjects every time I’m at the library, which roughly equates to 3 hours per subject and I feel like this is the ultimate sweet-spot, because it’s not too long that you get completely bored of what you’re doing, but it’s also long enough to get some sufficient work done. Tomorrow, however, I think I want to put a heavier focus on biology and work on French when I start to get bored of biology and when I get home.

I really need to do some speaking revision for French but it’s so frustrating as I don’t know anyone who is French and would be willing to help me out.

I also can’t lie, I’ve been meaning to get out a bit more and meet new people. This sounds so strange and terrible but I feel like there’s too few people around me that I’m close to. I totally get that keeping your circle small is good and healthy for you but I really want to meet others, people with different, interesting viewpoints and things to say, anyone really. One of my summer goals is to get out there a bit more in terms of social interaction, but I’m a little stuck for ideas on how I’m going to do that, seeing as I’m not a part of any clubs or anything, and without even college as a crutch, I’ll probably turn into a hermit altogether. I will have to cobble together some sort of a plan.

Also tomorrow, I managed to persuade my mother into going shopping with me, which will hopefully be fun. I think retail therapy is something I definitely turn to and after the stressful week I’ve had, I fear I may not be able to control myself. The short term satisfaction of buying something, coupled with the adrenaline rush you feel as the money is drained from your bank account, it’s unbeatable!

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Work through component 1 notes for biology
– Do some French speaking cards to practise
– Go over French topics, add more cultural information to my notes

Okay, well I should probably go to sleep now, as it’s nearing 1am. I wish you a productive day tomorrow and hope for the same for myself! Thanks everyone.


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